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New Releases: The Lone Ranger – (2013)

New Releases: The Lone Ranger - (2013) Genre: Action, Adventure, Western, Release Date: 2013-12-17 Duration: 149...


New Releases: The Lone Ranger – (2013)

New Releases: The Lone Ranger - (2013)
Genre: Action, Adventure, Western,
Release Date: 2013-12-17
Duration: 149 Min

  • Gore Verbinski

In San Francisco during the 1930’s, a boy, Will, makes his way through a busy carnival near the under-construction Golden Gate Bridge. The boy dressed in a costume similar to that of the Lone Ranger, walks past the carnival barkers and the concession stands to the Wild West Tent. He pays for entry, and inside, sees stuffed buffaloes, cowboy mannequins, and walks up to a wax sculpture of an old Indian. As he gets closer to the wax figure, the Indian’s eyes move. The very old and mentally unstable Indian introduces himself as Tonto (Johnny Depp). The boy, Will, is a fan of the Lone Ranger and recognizes the name. The boy wonders how Tonto came to be a mannequin in a traveling circus. Tonto starts to tell him the story.

Tonto sits astride a horse on a high bluff looking over the western desert. His masked partner, The Lone Ranger (Armie Hammer), gallops up along-side him. He declares that it’s time, and they ride into town on their horses. They take over the town bank, order all of its occupants to put their hands in the air, and they proceed to carry out a heist. Back in 1930’s San Francisco, Will can’t believe what he’s hearing, because the Lone Ranger was a hero, not a bank robber.

To explain the circumstances that led to this episode, Tonto goes back a little bit further in time.

1869 – Colby, Texas

Colby, Texas is a rest stop on the transcontinental railroad, where construction is underway at a rapid rate, overseen by rail magnate Latham Cole (Tom Wilkinson). A train is approaching Colby. In one car, Tonto sits shackled, next to the notorious outlaw Butch Cavendish (William Fichtner). Cavendish will be hanged at the next stop, and the federal Marshals are along to make certain the execution takes place. A few cars back, John Reid, the young, college-educated prosecutor, sits in a train car full of protestant missionaries who are singing church hymns. When one of the missionaries asks John if he’s a God-fearing man, John responds that he is a law-fearing man. In the prisoner car, Tonto watches Butch peel a wood plank out of the train car’s floor, revealing a gun hidden in a compartment beneath the plank. Butch hides the gun, and asks the Marshals he can get up to urinate. They unchain him and lead him to a chamber pot in the corner of the car. With Butch’s back turned while urinating, Tonto gestures to the lawmen that “Butch has a gun”. The Marshals take note, but Butch shoots both of them before they can draw their weapons.

At the train station, a quintet of Texas Rangers, headed-up by John’s brother Dan Reid, waits for Butch. Elsewhere, Dan’s wife Rebecca and son Danny are shopping in the town’s commercial stalls (there is a correlation to the set up early in the movie of the Carnival midway stalls). A man named Cole happens upon the pair and flirts with Rebecca, who does not return Cole’s attentions.

Butch’s outlaw gang catches up with the train, boards it, and rob its occupants, killing the engineers before locking the train at full speed. John, overhearing gunshots and footsteps above, gets up to investigate. He breaks into the prisoner car where he finds Tonto and Butch about to kill one another. John disarms them both, announces himself as the district attorney, and forces them to surrender. Suddenly the train car’s doors slide open, revealing Butch’s gang waiting for him. They chain up Tonto and John, free Butch, and take off while the train rumbles out of control past the train station at full steam. Dan and his posse saddle up and chase after the train. Tonto manages to separate his chains from the train car, and when he realizes that he and John are chained together, takes John with him to the front of the train, taking out a pair of Butch’s gang members. They get to the steam engine, where they find Dan, and attempt to stop the train. All three realize that the train can’t be stopped, and separate the passenger cars from the steam engine. The steam engine derails at the end of the track, nearly killing Tonto and John in the process. Unchained during the wreck, Tonto begins to walk away, only to be stopped by John, who latches himself around Tonto’s leg. Dan catches them both, and Tonto is presumed to be a criminal, arrested and taken to the town jail.

John and Dan must track down and arrest Butch. Dan wants to find him and kill him, but John insists that Butch must be captured alive and tried in a court of law. Dan kisses Rebecca goodbye, deputizes John, says goodbye to his son. The posse of John and the other Texas Rangers rides off in search of Butch.

During the hunt, they all observe an all-white horse standing on a bluff. Dan explains that the Comanche Indians believe the white horse is a spirit animal, able to cross over from the living world to the dead one. When John asks where Dan learned about native customs, Dan reveals that he’s spent the last several years working with the Comanche Indians, and has an appreciation for their culture, even wearing their jewelry.

The posse loses track of Butch’s trail at a small canyon, and with no other choice, gallops into it. Ranger Collins disappears and suddenly, the remaining posse is ambushed by Butch’s gang. Dan’s men are shot down one by one, until John and Dan are left. A bullet kills John’s horse, and it collapses, landing on John’s leg. Dan tries to save John but is shot multiple times. John frees himself from the horse and runs over to Dan, but is shot in the chest. John falls to the ground and he passes out. Butch and his gang reveal themselves around Dan and John’s bodies. Dan, still alive, swears at Butch, who takes a knife, cuts out Dan’s heart, and eats it in front of him. John, drifting in and out of consciousness, watches in horror before passing out. Butch orders them all to move out, and they escape back to their hideout.

High above the canyon, Tonto, having escaped from his prison cell, sees the result of the massacre. He sneaks down to the canyon floor and gathers the seven bodies. He digs graves for each, including John, and as he goes through their pockets for valuables, John awakens. Tonto knocks John out with a rock to the head, and pretends that John is dead. As Tonto buries the other Rangers’ bodies, the white horse trots over and stands over John’s grave. Tonto instantly recognizes this as a sign from the great beyond that John is meant to live another day. Tonto tries to convince the horse that Dan is the warrior but concedes and takes John’s body. Tonto slings John over the back of the white horse and the two men & horse head out of the canyon. As John sleeps, Tonto melts down the silver Texas Ranger badges to create a silver bullet.

Tonto paints John’s face, steals his boots, and sets him on a wooden platform high above the valley floor. John awakes and nearly steps off of the platform. He carefully makes his way off the platform, and Tonto explains that the powerful forces beyond them both have chosen John to be a spirit walker — a man who cannot be killed in battle. He explains that Butch Cavendish is a wendigo — a man possessed by a demon with an insatiable appetite for human flesh. Tonto had been tracking Butch for a long time, and managed to smuggle himself onto the train, and was about to kill him when John intervened. John insists on tracking Butch down and bringing him to justice alive. Tonto fashions a leather mask out of Dan’s vest; it’s eyeholes created by a pair of bullets. He tells John to wear the mask and become a symbol that Butch’s men will fear.

The pair ride into town to Red’s Brothel, owned and operated by Red Harrington, a former ballerina who lost her right leg to the cannibal Butch Cavendish. Red’s new right leg is an ivory prosthetic, with a rifle hidden inside. A local lawman notices that Tonto is in a club which doesn’t allow Indians. He runs to get help. Red relates that Butch’s men were there recently and paid for their visit with a giant silver nugget. The nugget is worthless but if she could get it to San Francisco, she could probably get a nice return off the ore.

Their conversation is cut short by gunfire within the club because the lawman has returned, this time with an angry mob armed with torches and pitchforks, all hell bent upon killing Tonto. Tonto and John escape. John asks why they wanted to kill Tonto and Tonto explains that the white people are angry at the Comanche Indian tribe because the Comanches have been burning and pillaging white settlements over recent weeks. John, realizing that Dan’s wife and son live in the outskirts, heads out to save them.

At that moment Rebecca and Danny are at their home in the desert, doing chores when a silence settles. Flaming arrows light the house on fire. They peer out and watch as members of Butch’s gang, wearing headdresses and face paint to pass themselves off as Comanche Indians, kill Rebecca’s servants. John and Tonto arrive to find the homestead engulfed in flame and smoke, with Rebecca and Danny nowhere to be found. They hear a woman’s screaming in the barn. Inside they find one of Butch’s men, trying to strip and rape Rebecca’s maid. John and Tonto realize that Butch is behind all the recent raids. Butch’s men escape and set the barn on fire, with Tonto and John inside. The entire barn is consumed by fire and with no obvious means of exit, John and Tonto are ready to die, when they hear hooves clicking on the barn roof. They look up to see the white horse, on the roof with a rope in its mouth. The horse pulls them out of the fire, and leaps from the roof and escapes.

Butch’s gang now believe that the masked man, a lone ranger, is the ghost of Dan Reid. Butch’s only surviving man escapes back to Butch’s hideout. Rebecca and Danny are there, along with the traitorous Collins, and Butch. Butch, now fearing that Dan’s ghost is after him because of Rebecca and Danny, orders Collins to shoot the hostages. Collins takes them out of the camp, and is about to shoot them when he tells them to run and fires his gun into the air three times, but is then is shot dead.

Tonto and John, who are looking for Butch’s hideout, steal one of Butch’s horses and follow it into Indian country, with the understanding that the horse will know its way home. They follow it for hours until the horse stops in its tracks and drops dead. John and Tonto, uncertain as to what killed it — exhaustion probably — run to its body and find, buried beneath it, railroad tracks. There can’t be a train line running through Indian country; it would violate the treaty that the Comanches have had with the US government. Tonto and John, now without a lead to Butch’s hideout, bicker.

Suddenly, a feathered arrow comes soaring out of nowhere and lands in John’s chest. He screams and passes out. John awakens in a tepee, as Tonto painfully pulls the arrow out of him. The Comanches have shot John. The news of the fake Comanche raids on white settlements has angered both sides. John tries to explain the true order of events to the Comanche elders, according to Tonto’s customs, but his pleas fall on deaf ears. They explain to John that Tonto is no longer a true Comanche.

As a young child Tonto lived in a Comanche settlement similar to their own. One day, while hunting, Tonto came across a pair of young dehydrated white settlers. Tonto slung the two over the back of his horse and led them to his camp and treated them back to health. When they were able, Tonto showed them the nearby Comanche river which contained abundant amounts of silver. In exchange for showing them the silver, Tonto was given a cheap pocket watch. The men filled their bags with silver nuggets and, not wanting anyone else to know the location of the silver, killed Tonto’s tribe, leaving Tonto as the sole survivor. They even killed Tonto’s crow. On that day Tonto went crazy. He made it his mission to find the men who killed his people, and constantly wears the crow and pocket watch as a reminder of their betrayal.

The Comanches bury John and Tonto in dirt, up to their necks, and leave them to bake in the sun while they go to war. The pair of them are soon attacked by scorpions, but the white horse arrives, eats the scorpions and saves them both.

John and Tonto are now convinced that Butch is after the silver deposit Tonto spoke of. Tonto shows John the way and the two eventually find themselves at a silver mine, supervised by Butch and worked by hundreds of Chinese immigrants. Many of the men are afraid to go into the mine, citing spooky native spirits who live inside. Butch kills the fearful Chinese workers and sends in a few of his gang members to investigate their claims.

Inside the mine, the men are ambushed, knocked out by John and Tonto, and pushed out in a mine car in response. Butch and his men open fire on the mine car, with enough bullets to kill anyone who might be hiding inside. They discover, hidden in the car, a lit bushel of dynamite. The cart explodes, wounding Butch, and killing his men. John and Tonto step out of the mine, and surround Butch.

Butch, at first, believes that John is the ghost of his brother, Dan, but soon realizes that “the Lone Ranger” is just the lawyer from town. He laughs. Tonto asks John to kill Butch, and forget his moral obligations. John refuses and finding no way to calm Tonto down, knocks him out with a shovel. He ties Butch’s hands to the back of his horse and leads him, as a prisoner, back to town, to face justice.

Rebecca awakens on Latham Cole’s train car. It was Cole who saved them both from Butch’s gang and shot Collins. Cole ushers her into the dining car, where dinner awaits them both. Rebecca is woozy. She has always been suspicious of Cole’s come-ons, and his advances toward Danny. U.S. Army Captain Jay Fuller knocks on the train car door. He and his cavalry unit have been assigned to defeat the Comanche.

John arrives, dragging an exhausted Butch behind his horse. Rebecca and Danny, having heard rumors that it might be Dan, wish to run out and meet him. Cole tells one of his men to take the two into the pantry and hold them at gunpoint. Outside Cole takes custody of Butch and gives him a few good kicks and punches for the cheering crowd, tells his men to put Butch in another car. John is welcomed into the dining can, digs into dinner and begins to notice peculiar items around the table: Rebecca’s scarf and a child’s toy. He realizes that Rebecca and Danny are on the train, and that Cole is their captor and also realizes that Cole and Butch were the brothers from Tonto’s tale. They killed Tonto’s tribe for their silver, and have returned to pillage the land and get away.

Cole draws a gun on John, but John is too fast and holds Cole at gunpoint, walking him into the neighboring car where he finds Butch relaxing. Guns are drawn by John, Cole, and Danny, who had wrestled a gun away from one of Cole’s men. Cole tells Danny that John killed his father, but his lie is transparent. Captain Fuller walks into the commotion, and is convinced by Cole that John is the bad guy.

John is arrested and taken to another car. Cole takes his train back to the silver mine. There, Butch shows him and Captain Fuller three massive covered train cars over-flowing with silver. John is blind-folded and placed in front of a firing squad, at the command of Captain Fuller. A single migrant (Tonto) saunters out of the mine, holding a cage with a dead bird inside. “Gas!” shouts the train conductor. The conductor reverses the train, and pushes a train car between John and firing squad, saving him. He saves John, just as a volley of arrows comes streaking in from the mountain-side. The real Comanches are attacking the miners.

Captain Fuller orders the cavalry to shoot the Comanches with a machine gun. During the fight, John and Tonto manage to escape into the mine. Butch chases after them, and throws lit dynamite after them. John and Tonto narrowly avoid being blown up by diving into an underground lake. They wash up on the shore. Cole orders Butch and his men to load his train with the silver cars. The east and west train tracks will soon be united at Promontory Point, and as soon as they are, he’ll be able to take the silver to San Francisco, and sell it for a massive fortune.

Back in 1930’s San Francisco, Tonto tells the boy Will why they robbed the bank: to steal Cole’s private stash of TNT and nitroglycerin. They take the stole


Johnny Depp

Armie Hammer

William Fichtner

Tom Wilkinson


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New Releases: Wreck-It Ralph – (2012)


New Releases: Wreck-It Ralph – (2012)

New Releases: Wreck-It Ralph - (2012)
Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Family,
Release Date: 2013-03-05
Duration: 108 Min

  • Rich Moore

Wreck-It Ralph (voice of John C. Reilly) longs to be as beloved as his games perfect Good Guy, Fix-It Felix (voice of Jack McBrayer). Problem is, nobody loves a Bad Guy. But they do love heroes so when a modern, first-person shooter game arrives featuring tough-as-nails Sergeant Calhoun (voice of Jane Lynch), Ralph sees it as his ticket to heroism and happiness. He sneaks into the game with a simple planwin a medalbut soon wrecks everything, and accidentally unleashes a deadly enemy that threatens every game in the arcade. Ralphs only hope? Vanellope von Schweetz (voice of Sarah Silverman), a young troublemaking glitch from a candy-coated cart racing game who might just be the one to teach Ralph what it means to be a Good Guy. But will he realize he is good enough to become a hero before its Game Over for the entire arcade?


The film takes place in Litwik’s Arcade, and concerned the character of Wreck-it-Ralph, the bad guy in the Fix-It-Felix Jr video game.

When we are introduced to Ralph, he is attending ‘Bad-anon,’ a support group for the video game bad guys that inhabit the arcade’s games. Ralph explains that after 30 years of doing the same thing and getting no respect for his job, he feels that he doesn’t want to be the bad guy anymore. The other members claim that he can’t mess with the program of his game, and soon finish the meeting, leaving Ralph still dejected.

Going through ‘Game Central Station’ (a power strip with surge protectors that has all the arcade’s game plugged into it), Ralph returns to his game, only to see the inhabitants of the Niceland apartments throwing a party (even Pac-Man is there!). Ralph is upset that he wasn’t invited, and attempts to get in. However, upon seeing a special cake that was made with all the Nicelanders and Felix on top and Ralph in a pit on the bottom, he gets upset. When one of the Nicelanders claims that he’s just the bad guy who wrecks things,’ Ralph angrily leaves, intending to somehow get a medal of his own, and prove he can be a hero.

Going off to a bar-game called Tapper’s, Ralph is unsure what to do, when he encounters a soldier from a new first-person shooter named “Hero’s Duty.” The soldier is a nervous wreck from hunting bugs, but when Ralph hears there’s a medal at the end of the game, he eagerly takes up the soldier’s armor, and heads off through ‘Game Central Station,’ to board the transport to “Hero’s Duty.”

Ralph eagerly gets ready for a new round of the game, whose squadron is being led by Sgt Calhoun (Jane Lynch). However, once the game starts, Ralph realizes he’s in way over his head, when the group is bombarded by giant mechanicaly ‘Cy-bugs,’ that take on the properties of whatever they consume. Ralph accidentally gets the first-person shooter (aka a kid playing the game inside the arcade) killed, and the game ends. As it does, a giant beam of light shoots out of the top of a nearby tower, attracting the Cy-bugs, and incinerating them as they are drawn into its light.

As the game begins to reset for the next player, Ralph learns that the medal he wants is at the top of that tower. Removing his armor, he climbs the tower, and finds himself in a room full of Cy-bug eggs. Making his way through them all, he finds the medal (with the name ‘Hero’ on it) floating in the center of the room. Reaching it and taking it, a group of holographic soldiers appear, and salute Ralph on a job well done.

Ralph gets a bit too excited, and accidentally steps on an egg, releasing a Cy-bug hatchling. It begins to attack Ralph, who attempts to get away in an escape pod. However, the pod takes off with the Cy-bug inside it. Sgt Calhoun and the others see it take off, and it escapes into the portal to ‘Game Central Station.’ It bounces around the station, before sending Ralph into a nearby racing game called ‘Sugar Rush.’ Crash-landing, the ejector seat sends Ralph in one direction, and the Cy-bug in another, sending it into a deep pit.

Meanwhile, in Fix-It-Felix, Jr, the denizens of the game suddenly realize that Ralph is missing when a player attempts to play a game. The players panic, causing the player to assume something is wrong with the game when ‘the wrecking guy’ doesn’t show up. The arcade’s owner, Mr Litwik, is informed, and an ‘out of order’ sign is placed over the game. The game’s denizens are unsure where Ralph may have gone, but get a surprise when Q-Bert shows up to say that Ralph was seen entering the game ‘Hero’s Duty.’

With the possibility that without Ralph, the game’s plug will be pulled and their time will end, Felix heads into ‘Hero’s Duty’ to find Ralph. After almost being killed by Sgt Calhoun and her soldiers, Felix explains he is looking for Ralph, and also slowly falls in love with the Sergeant’s ‘hi-def’ looks. They then leave the game, and after finding out which way the escape pod went, set off into ‘Sugar Rush.’ Calhoun is greatly concerned, because Cy-bugs can multiply when plenty of food is available, and the possibility of the game being over-run by them is highly possible.

Meanwhile, Ralph finds his medal hanging from the top of a candy-cane tree, along with a little girl named Vanellope Von Schweetz (Sarah Silverman). Vanellope ends up taking the medal before Ralph can get to it, and he then attempts to track her down.

Vanellope ends up using the medal in place of a game coin for a major race to decide which of the top 9 racers (along with their ruler, King Candy (Alan Tudyk)) will get to be the chosen racers for the next day’s play of the arcade (this is how the game randomly selects new racers for each day). However, when her entry is seen on the board, King Candy orders her to be caught, but this is interrupted when Ralph comes barreling through the starting line, attempting to get Vanellope himself, and destroying the area.

Ralph is then captured and brought before King Candy. The King is at first shocked that Ralph appears to be ‘game-jumping,’ but Ralph claims that all he wants is his medal back. However, the King informs him that since it’s now been entered into the game’s programming, the only way he can get it back is if he wins the race.

Ralph then leaves the King’s castle still upset, but upon seeing several of the racers nearby, he figures maybe he can explain to them to win the race and get his medal for him. However, his thoughts are sidelined when the racers come across Vanellope, who has finished a small pedal-cart she intends to use in the race. As Ralph watches, the other kids say she can’t enter because she’s a glitch, and then wreck her cart. Ralph scares them off, and Vanellope decides to make a deal with Ralph: if he helps her get a new cart for the race, she’ll win back his medal for him. Ralph is at first unsure of the alliance, but agrees to it.

Meanwhile, Felix and Calhoun have discovered the crashed escape pod, but no sign of Ralph or the Cy-bug. Calhoun attempts to use a detector for finding the bug, but it can’t focus. As they continue on their journey, the end up in a pit of Nes-quik sand, and Felix is able to get them out by grabbing onto some Laffy-Taffy hanging from the trees.

After they get out, Felix makes mention that some would consider Ralph going outside of his game to be ‘turbo.’ When Calhoun seems confused at this term, Felix explains where it came from. Many years ago, there was a racing game in the arcade called “Turbo-Tastic,” whose main racer loved to win, and grew egotistical about it. When the arcade got a new racing game called “Roadblasters,” Turbo abamdoned his game, and entered into “Roadblasters,” wrecking it. Because of this, both games were unplugged, and presumably, Turbo died when he was unable to return to his game.

Back in the world of “Sugar Rush,” Ralph and Vanellope break into a car-baking factory, and Ralph helps Vanellope as best as he can. However, his attempts to help make the car look like a bakery-fueld mess, but Vanellope loves it anyway, and has Ralph sign his name on the side in icing. However, their intrusion is soon found out, and King Candy and his police force soon arrive.

Ralph tells Vanellope to start driving, only for her to tell him that she doesn’t know HOW to drive a cart! Ralph then uses his giant hands to help propel them away from the pursuing King and his police force, losing them when Vanellope directs him to a secret entrance near Diet Cola mountain.

Inside, Ralph finds a giant pit over which Mentos stalactites hang overhead. When one drops into the soda, it causes a heated geyser to erupt.

Nearby, Ralph also finds where Vanellope lives, having taken up refuge inside the mountain because noone likes her, or will give her a chance to prove she can race. Seeing how she just wants a chance to prove herself like he does, Ralph helps her learn how to race her vehicle.

As they prepare to take off for the big race, Vanellope rushes back into the mountain to get something. It is then that King Candy shows up, and offers Ralph back his ‘Hero’ medal. The King then explains to Ralph that he is giving the medal to him, if he’ll prevent Vanellope from racing. Ralph claims he won’t, when the King tells him that it is essential to saving her life.

As Vanellope is a glitch, she has trouble being a stable racer, and may end up popping up all over the game. If she is chosen to race, and the players don’t like her, the plug could be pulled on Sugar Rush. However, because Vanellope is a glitch, she won’t be able to escape into Game Central Station, and die within the game.

The King leaves, and Vanellope returns, presenting Ralph with a Heart-shaped cookie medal, calling him both a snotbrain, and her hero for helping her. However, Ralph then attempts to get her to reconsider the race, when she sees he’s got his ‘Hero’ medal back. Ralph then explains what the King told him, but she says she doesn’t care and wants to race! Claiming he’s saving her life, Ralph hangs Vanellope from a nearby tree, and breaks her cart. Heart-broken that he has ruined her chance, she claims he ‘really is a bad guy,’ and rushes back to her hide-out.

Over at the King’s castle, Felix has parted ways with Calhoun who is still looking for the Cy-bug, and arrives at the castle door. Felix meets the King’s assistant, a little sourball. Realizing that Felix is from Ralph’s game, he sends him to the king’s Fungeon.

Now that he’s got his medal back, Ralph returns to his game, but finds the Niceland apartments is empty, except for one lone tenant, who explains everyone else headed to Game Central Station for safe haven. Ralph claims he got a medal that proves he’s a hero, but in the wake of the game’s plug being pulled at dawn if it doesn’t function properly, the need to prove himself seems nil. Upset that he seems to have made a mess of things for his game as well as for Vanellope, he flings his ‘Hero’ medal at the case of the arcade game, causing the out-of-order sign to fall slightly. As it does so, he can see the gaming console for ‘Sugar Rush,’ and finds a strange sight: even though she is considered a glitch, Vanellope is on the advertising graphics for the game on its gaming console!

Ralph then returns to ‘Sugar Rush’ and heads for diet cola mountain, finding the King’s sourball cleaning up the remnants of Vanellope’s cart. Ralph then gets the little sourball to tell that King Candy changed around Vanellope’s code, but as to why he did this, the sourball has no clue. He also tells Ralph that both Felix and Vanellope are being held in the King’s Fungeon, and Ralph sets out there along with the garbage can containing the broken pieces of Vanellope’s cart.

Ralph rescues Felix first, and the two reconcile, with Felix finally understanding why Ralph seemed to be acting so strange when he burst in on the party the other day.

Using Felix’s magical hammer, they repair Vanellope’s cart, and manage to free her, with Ralph first admitting what a moron he was.

As the race gets underway, Vanellope quickly takes off, leaving Felix and Ralph at the starting line. However, Calhoun also arrives, alerting them that the Cy-bug has eaten plenty under the grounds of Sugar Rush, and has multiplied into a giant army. As if on cue, they burst up around the stadium. Calhoun attempts to kill them off, but there are just too many. She quickly yells for those nearby to head towards the portal to Game Central Station. With the game too overrun with the creatures, they’ll need to kill the game to end them. Realizing that it’ll mean the end for Vanellope, Ralph stays by the finish line as long as he can, figuring if Vanellope can at least cross the finish line, she’ll be able to escape.

Meanwhile, the race continues onward, and Vanellope finally catches up to King Candy. However, as the two battle car-to-car, the King begins to glitch, and we see that he is actually Turbo! It soon becomes apparent that he took over ‘Sugar Rush,’ taking over Vanellope’s kingdom, and locking up the memories of the other racers, making her a glitching outcast!

Luckily, Vanellope manages to get free, and focuses her glitching powers to break free of the King’s grasp, and speed into 1st position. As he attempts to catch up to her, a Cy-bug emerges in front of his car, and gobbles him up.

As she nears the finish line, Vanellope’s car is thrown off-track by another horde of Cy-bugs, and she is scooped up by Ralph, who takes her towards the portal as the horde devours the finish line. Almost everyone else is able to get through but Vanellope. Ralph tries as hard as he can to take her, but it’s no use.

As Calhoun continues to blast away as many Cy-bugs as she can, she explains the only way they would be able to stop the horde, is if they had a beam of light to blast them away, like in “Hero’s Duty.” Ralph suddenly flashes back to Diet Cola Mountain, and the group of Mentos stalactites, and formulates a plan!

Grabbing a hoverboard from Calhoun, he flies towards the mountain. Using his fists, he attempts to dislodge the Mentos at the top, to create a new beam of killing light. However, his plans are interrupted when a Cy-bug appears, with the colors and head of King Candy/Turbo. The newly-powered-up tyrant knocks Ralph around a bit, and attempts to carry him off, but not before Ralph manages to break free, aiming towards the Mentos. As he hits them, and they fall towards the cola pit deep within the mountain.

Luckily, before he hits the bubbling pit, Vanellope gets back in her cart, and focusing her glitching power, manages to save Ralph before the major eruption.

Creating a giant cola ‘light beam,’ the Cy-bugs are attracted, and head to their doom. Even King Candy/Turbo is powerless to avoid it, drawn into the light beam where he too is destroyed.

After this, Vanellope manages to cross the finish line, and due to King Candy’s demise, the memories of the other players are restored, and Vanellope is returned to being the Princess of Sugar Rush. However, she claims that she doesn’t really want to be a Princess, and feels that a government run by a President would be more her style.

In the aftermath, Felix and Calhoun are wed (even though their games will keep them apart by day in the arcade). Vanellope is now a regular racer in ‘Sugar Rush,’ though she still uses the cart that ralph helped her build, and her glitching power makes her a big hit with the players.

As for Ralph, the Nicelanders finally acknowledge and appreciate him. Ralph also claims that even though he still gets pitched off the top of the apartment building in his game, he loves the view through the glass of the video game box, and seeing his friend Vanellope doing what she loves, makes him feel great.


John C. Reilly

Jack McBrayer

Jane Lynch

Sarah Silverman


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