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New Releases: Iron Man – (2008)

New Releases: Iron Man - (2008) Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Release Date: 2013-04-02 Duration: 126 Min ...


New Releases: Iron Man – (2008)

New Releases: Iron Man - (2008)
Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi,
Release Date: 2013-04-02
Duration: 126 Min

  • Jon Favreau

The movie begins with Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) riding with soldiers on duty in Afghanistan. He is joking with some members of a convoy who seem to be genuinely amused by his persona and his flamboyant public image. Suddenly, the convoy is attacked. The soldiers fight to defend themselves but are quickly killed. Stark flees the Humvee, taking refuge behind a large rock. A missile lands nearby, remaining intact long enough for Tony to see the Stark Industries logo on it. It explodes sending shrapnel into Tony’s chest despite the body armor he wears. Tony is captured and recorded on video by a group of masked terrorists.

A flashback sequence reveals Tony’s history as a child prodigy before taking over his father’s company, Stark Industries, at age 21. Colonel James “Rhodey” Rhodes (Terrence Howard) attends a ceremony to present Tony Stark with an award for his work, but Tony is not in attendance. Tony’s right-hand man (and his father’s former partner) Obadiah Stane (Jeff Bridges) accepts the award in Tony’s stead. Rhody later finds Tony partying in a casino. On his way out, a reporter named Christine (Leslie Bibb) approaches Stark with some questions regarding the ethics of his weapons business. Stark deflects her questions with some swift quips and the two end up spending the night together at Tony’s oceanfront house.

The next morning, Christine is awakened by a voice on a computer monitor. It’s JARVIS, the artificially intelligent program responsible for running Tony’s house and his research lab. Christine is greeted by Tony’s assistant, “Pepper” Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) as she leaves the house. Pepper helps Tony catch up on some business before Tony heads out to the airport where his plane awaits. In flight, Tony talks with Rhodey. Rhodey is unhappy about Tony’s lax attitude, and Tony tries to get his old friend to relax. Before long they are drunk and leering at the stewardesses.

Tony arrives at a military outpost in the Afghanistan to demonstrate his company’s latest project – the Jericho, a super-missile system. After the demonstration, Tony gets a phone call from Obadiah and they are both pleased that the demonstration went well. Tony goes off with the convoy that is soon attacked by terrorists.

Much later, Tony regains consciousness in a cave. His chest is hooked up to a strange device. Another captive, named Yinsen (Shaun Tomb), explains that he operated on Stark but was unable to remove all the fragments from the bomb blast. Yinsen created a device – essentially electromagnet powered by a car battery – that will keep the remaining fragments from shifting and causing further damage to his heart. The terrorists who captured Tony & Yinsen enter the room. Yinsen translates; they want Tony to build them a Jericho missile. Tony refuses and they torture him, shoving his face in a tub of water.

Hours later, the terrorists, a group called the The Ten Rings, show off a huge stockpile of weapons – all made by Stark Industries. Tony appears to relent and start building the missile, but has other plans. With Yinsen’s help, and using palladium collected from his weapons, Tony constructs a tiny version of an arc reactor, streamlined from a much bigger design used at his company’s headquarters. The power output is enough to run Stark’s heart for “fifty lifetimes… or something much bigger for about 15 minutes.” It will also be enough to keep the shrapnel in Tony’s heart from shifting any further and killing him.

Tony designs a way out for himself and Yinsen – an armored suit powered by the arc reactor that he will wear and use to defeat the terrorists. Midway through construction, the head of the Ten Rings, a man named Raza (Faran Tahir) arrives and threatens to torture Yinsen, angry because he thinks Stark is not working on the Jericho as they wanted. Tony bargains for Yinsen’s life, saying he makes a good assistant. Raza gives them one more day to finish.

Working furiously overnight, Tony completes his project. Yinsen straps Tony into the completed armored suit, telling him the way out of the cave. They set off a bomb inside the cell door as a distraction for the guards as Tony powers up his suit. Yinsen realizes that they will not have enough time. He grabs a gun and runs off to distract the surviving guards.

Tony, fully powered, muscles his way through the cave. The guards try to stop but his suit easily deflects their weapon fire and he beats them off or kills them. He also fires one of the suit’s missiles at Raza himself, who is flung out of sight by the blast. Halfway out of the cavern, Stark finds Yinsen, mortally wounded. Yinsen reveals that this was his plan, sacrificing himself so Tony could escape – Yinsen’s family is already dead and he will now see them again in the afterlife. Tony tearfully thanks Yinsen for saving him. Yinsen’s last words to Stark are not to waste his second chance at life.

Tony turns his suit on the remaining terrorists, igniting flame-throwers and firing missiles. He destroys their stockpile of weapons, however, some of their larger caliber weaponry begins to damage his suit. He uses a rudimentary jet-pack to blast from the valley. Not long after firing, his jet-pack fails and he crashes in the desert, but survives. Stark hikes through the desert until a couple of US helicopters fly overhead. A group of soldiers, led by Rhody, come across Tony. Rhody is overjoyed to find that his friend is alive.

Tony returns to the United States after three months in captivity. Pepper wants Tony to receive medical treatment, but Tony states that there are only two things he wants: an American cheeseburger and a company press conference. Shortly after, Tony appears before a group of reporters and, clearly humbled and no longer the arrogant CEO he was before his capture, announces that he intends to shut down Stark Industries’ weapons manufacturing division immediately. At the same time, Pepper is approached by Agent Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg) of the Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement & Logistic Division agency. They want to talk to Tony Stark about his capture. Pepper schedules an appointment for them.

That evening, Obadiah confronts Tony about his actions, furious. Obadiah knows that the stock value for their company (and, by extension, their financial status) is going to take a serious drop because of this announcement. Tony wants Stark Industries to move forward with arc reactor technology, but Obadiah thinks that the arc reactor is nothing but a publicity stunt. Through the conversation, Tony ends up revealing his prosthetic power-heart to Obadiah but refuses to allow the device to be studied for production. Stane convinces Tony to lay low for a while so the company can sort things out.

Pepper watches a news report on the declining value of Stark Industries when Tony asks for her help. He’s created an upgraded mini arc reactor, the “Mark II chestpiece”, but can’t install it into his chest without someone to help. Pepper accidentally yanks out the cords for the old reactor too soon, putting Tony on the verge of cardiac arrest. They manage to complete the process in time. Tony tells Pepper to destroy the old model since he’s not a sentimental person.

Tony visits Rhodes and asks for help with a new private project. Rhody does not agree with Tony’s approach; he thinks Stark is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder because of his capture and needs time to recover.

Tony turns to his other best friend – JARVIS – for help. Tony’s plan is revealed to be an upgrade to his armored suit (referred to as “Mark II,” with the suit from the terrorist cave being “Mark I”). Tony, studying a 3D CGI-mapped image of the Mark I, discards many of the components, streamlining the design.

Meanwhile, Raza, having survived his battle with Stark and the Mark I, searches the desert, gathering all fragments of the Mark I suit.

Tony decides that the first thing he has to do is to perfect the armor’s flight system. Since the leg-mounted jets proved too unstable, he creates repulsors for the feet and arm-mounted stabilizers to balance out the system. Pepper comes in when he is testing the stabilizers and they find that it also creates a powerful repulsion beam that could also be used as a weapon. Pepper leaves a paper-wrapped box on Tony’s desk as a gift.

Obadiah visits Tony and reveals that the board of directors have filed an injunction to gain control of Stark Industries. Tony isn’t worried; he still maintains controlling interest in Stark Industries.

After several failed and obviously painful attempts, Tony finally manages to perfect his flight system, and is delighted at the prospect of flying.

A new armored suit is soon finished, the Mark II, looking like a heavily-streamlined version of Tony’s Mark I armor. Tony connects with Jarvis to monitor the progress in the suit. Against JARVIS’ advice, Tony decides to take it out for a test flight, and he is thrilled by the suit’s functionality. Tony decides to push the limit for higher-atmosphere flying, but at such great heights the suit becomes coated with ice and his power supply shuts down. Tony is barely able to reactivate his thrusters in time to avoid crashing into the ground. Stark returns home, but the armor is so heavy that it crashes through three floors of the house. As Tony recovers from his crash landing, he opens the box that Pepper left behind earlier – inside is the Mark I arc reactor, encased as a trophy with the message, “Proof That Tony Stark Has A Heart.”

Tony analyzes more data and decides to rebuild the suit using gold titanium from an old project to solve the icing problem. Tony also instructs Jarvis to add some “hot-rod red” paint trimming to the next suit, codenamed “Mark III.” Tony then leaves to attend his annual benefit dinner while the new suit is being assembled and painted.

At the charity event, Tony meets with Agent Coulson, who still wants to learn about Tony’s incident. Tony then leaves to dance with Pepper and they share a moment together in the moonlight.

Tony is then confronted by Christine, the reporter he’d slept with prior to leaving for Afghanistan. She shows him photographs of his weapons being used by a terrorist group the previous day in the remote Afghan town of Gulmira, Yinsen’s home village. Tony confronts Obadiah on the matter, and Obadiah reveals that he is the one who filed the injunction against Tony. Obadiah calls himself an “iron monger,” and has no qualms about selling Stark Industries weapons to both sides of the conflict. Tony returns home, furious. While there he watches news reports of the worsening situation in the Gulmira region. He tests modifications to his hand repulsors, turning them into a weapon. When the new suit is completed it is fashioned to his body by an automated robotic system. Stark flies off to Gulmira at hypersonic speed, determined to right his company’s wrongs.

In Gulmira, terrorists are rounding up civilians for capture & execution when they are confronted by Stark, whose Mark III armor is more than a match for them. Within seconds, he defeats the first group of terrorists, using his advanced weapons to take out several without any innocent casualties. He destroys the terrorists’ missiles. He leaves the group’s leader, Raza’s chief lieutenant, alive and defenseless for the villagers to take their revenge on.

While flying to find his weapons, Iron Man is shot down by a tank shell. Getting up, a second shell barely misses him. He responds by shooting a mini-missile at the tank, destroying it. Using the palm repulsors he designed, he destroys the captured Jericho missiles. After they are demolished, Raza arrives in time to see Tony fly off.

During the fight, CENTCOM detects Stark in flight. Col. Rhodes is asked about the status of any new developments. He contacts Tony, who claims that he knows nothing about what is happening. In the meantime, Iron Man is confronted by two F-22’s. He tries to outrun the jets but they are too much for him. Tony calls Rhodes and reveals that he is responsible for the “unidentified craft.” Rhody is furious about Tony sending in unauthorized equipment, and horrified when Tony explains that the “equipment” is actually himself in his new invention. Iron Man is hit by one fighter jet, sending him flying into the wing of the second jet. The pilot is forced to eject, but the parachute fails to open. Iron Man, still under fire, manages to fly in and successfully deploy the parachute in time to rescue the pilot. Tony convinces Rhody to pass off what happened with the jets as a “training exercise.”

After Tony arrives back at home, Pepper catches him removing the battle-damaged Iron Man armor. The removal is not going as well as the assembly.

Meanwhile, the Ten Rings terrorist group is visited by none other than Obadiah. It is revealed that Stane paid the Ten Rings members to capture and kill Stark, but they realized who Stark was and demanded a much higher price. Using a high-powered sonic device that induces temporary paralysis, Stane immobilizes Raza and takes the remnants of the Mark I armor they have gathered. Stane then has his men execute everyone in the camp.

Tony tries to talk Pepper into helping him, believing that nothing else matters but stopping the people who he put in harm’s way. Pepper is moved by Tony’s dedication, and agrees. She goes into Obadiah’s office with flash drive programmed to copy files from the computer. As Pepper sifts through stored files, she finds a video from the terrorists proving that Obadiah was responsible for Tony’s capture. Obadiah comes into the office and sees her at the computer, but Pepper manages to hide what she is really doing. She leaves the office, however, as soon as he powers up the computer, Obadiah realizes what she was up to. On the way out, Pepper sees Agent Coulson and tells him he can have his interview immediately so that he accompanies safely out of the building.

Obadiah meets with his team of developers who are working on his own armored suit based on the Mark I. They have rebuilt the components, but they cannot miniaturize Stark’s arc reactor. Stane is furious, then realizes that he has one other option.

Stane arrives at Tony’s house and paralyzes him with the sonic weapon. Obadiah yanks out the the Mark II chestpiece from Tony’s chest, taunting him about how it will be the flagship invention in a new era of weaponry. After he leaves, Tony realizes that he has only one hope for survival – the preserved arc reactor that Pepper gave him in a display case. He gets the power source installed just as Rhody arrives. Rhody informs him that 5 agents have gone to arrest Obadiah but Tony knows that is not enough manpower.

Rhody watches Tony suit up, awestruck at the Iron Man armor. Rhody asks if there’s anything Tony needs, Tony asks him to “keep the skies clear”. As Tony flies away, Rhody spots the silver-colored prototype suit, the Mark II… then shakes his head and mumbles “Next time.”

Pepper, Coulson and several other agents arrive at Obadiah’s research facility. They spot the Mark I Armor and a storage location where something else was kept. Just then, a gigantic robotic suit comes to life and attacks them – it’s Obadiah’s counterpart suit, code-named the Iron Monger, powered by the chest piece he’d stolen from Tony.

While flying towards the research facility, Jarvis warns Tony that he has only about half power in the suit because the older chestpiece wasn’t designed power the Mark III’s flight capability.

Iron Man arrives just as the Iron Monger is about to execute Pepper and begins to fight him. The two ironclad warriors have a huge battle that spills into the streets near Stark Industries. Tony flies into the upper atmosphere, drawing Stane along with him. Iron Monger struggles but before long begins to freeze up – his suit has the same icing problem that Tony’s Mark II had. Iron Monger begins to fall back to Earth, leaving Tony hovering above. The older arc reactor begins to lose power rapidly and Tony falls back to Earth, landing on top of his factory, running on auxiliary backup power.

Back on the ground, the Iron Monger attacks Tony again. He manages to evade Stane long enough to instruct Pepper to overload the building’s arc reactor, which will generate a shockwave strong enough to disable the Iron Monger’s suit. Pepp


Robert Downey Jr.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Terrence Howard

Jeff Bridges


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New Releases: Zero Dark Thirty – (2012)


New Releases: Zero Dark Thirty – (2012)

New Releases: Zero Dark Thirty - (2012)
Genre: Drama, History, Thriller,
Release Date: 2013-03-19
Duration: 157 Min

  • Kathryn Bigelow


Two Years After Sept. 11, 2001 CIA BLACK SITE:

CIA Operative, Dan (Jason Clarke) walks into a dingy room where a terrorist financier, Ammar (Reda Kateb), is being held captive. Several other CIA members are present, but they are wearing balaclavas to shield their identities. Dan makes the rules clear to Ammar: If Ammar doesn’t do what Dan asks him to do, such as to look at him when he’s being addressed, Dan says he will hurt Ammar. Also, if Ammar steps off the mat he’s on, or lies about anything, Dan will hurt him for that too. Dan has Ammar put in additional restraints and beckons to one of the masked individuals to follow him outside. He orders his men not to talk to Ammar.

Outside, the masked individual removes the mask, revealing that she is a young CIA agent named Maya (Jessica Chastain). Dan apologizes for how intense the interrogation is, realizing that Maya has only recently come from Washington and is new to field operations. Dan explains that their process takes a while because Ammar needs to know how helpless he is. He offers to get her a coffee but she tells him that they should go back in. He offers to return her balaclava but she declines, noting that he’s not covering his face. She asks if Ammar is ever getting out. “Never” says Dan.

The pair go back in and Dan tells Ammar that he needs to understand his situation. He informs Ammar that he knows all about him, and has had plenty of opportunities to kill him, but let him live so they could have this talk. Ammar screams that Dan is nothing more than a garbage man for his corporation, but Dan retorts that Ammar is a terrorist who helped finance the September 11th attack in the USA, and was caught with explosives in his house when they came for him. Dan also makes it clear he doesn’t want to talk about Sept. 11, but instead wants to know about the “Saudi Group” that Ammar is associated with. Ammar refuses to talk, so Dan’s men set up mats and Dan forces him to the ground. Dan asks Maya to hands him a bucket of water and a towel so that Dan can water board Ammar. He asks Ammar to give him an email address, and demands to know when was the last time Ammar saw Bin Laden. At the end of the session, without receiving any additional information, Dan makes it clear to Ammar that in the end everyone breaks.

Maya sits in a waiting room. Dan brings their boss, station chief Joseph Bradley (Kyle Chandler), to meet her. She mentions that what she saw was a bit fucked up and Bradley is surprised, having assumed that she volunteered for this position. Bradley buzzes her into a secure wing and Dan asks Joseph if he thinks Maya is ready, but Bradley just points out that the CIA needs to break in the next generation.

Maya settles at her desk and waits until she is brought into a small conference room where fellow CIA agents Jessica (Jennifer Ehle), Jack (Harold Perrineau), Thomas (Jeremy Strong), and J.J. (J.J. Kandel) are working on the latest intelligence reports. Dan points out that Ammar is withholding what he knows about the Saudi Group, while Jennifer gives updates on the latest leads. Maya points out that some of their assumptions are based on pre-9/11 behavior, rendered moot by the invasion of Afghanistan.

Morning prayers wake Maya from an uneasy sleep on her couch. She and Dan check in on Ammar, who is still suspended by rope and deprived of sleep courtesy of heavy metal music. Dan pulls up a chair and seats Ammar in it, providing him with a bottle of fruit juice and some food. He again asks Ammar about the Saudi Group and Ammar insists that he only handles money, that he doesn’t know who the guys that he finances are. Dan kicks the chair out from under Ammar and has Ammar pulled up by the ropes tied to his wrists, then rips down his pants, exposing him to Maya, and asking Ammar if he had shit himself.

Dan and the other agents leave, putting Maya alone in the room with Ammar. Ammar tells Maya that Dan is an animal and begs her for help. She tells him that he can help himself by being truthful. Dan returns with a dog collar and forces it around Ammar’s neck, then acting as though he’s Dan’s dog and needs to be walked. He drags him over to a box, smaller than a coffin, threatening to put Ammar in there if Ammar doesn’t tell him about the next planned attack. Ammar names several days of the week, but won’t specify a not a location, so Dan and the other men force him into the box and leave him there.

May 29, 2004.

A group of al Qaida terrorists shoot civilians in Khobar, Saudi Arabia, targeting non-Muslims and Americans. Jessica, Dan, and Maya watch the footage in the aftermath. Jessica tells Dan that the massacre is not on him, but Dan insists that since Ammar is their prisoner, the deaths are on him, and Maya. Jessica points out that there are still other plots in motion that they can wring out of Ammar, including a planned attack in the London-Heathrow area. Maya realizes that since Ammar has been in complete isolation, they can lie about the outcome of the Khobar attack and claim that it was thwarted as a result of what he had told them in his sleep-deprived state.

Ammar is brought out of his confinement and informed that his intel was good. Dan asks what Ammar did after the invasion. Ammar said the choice was to fight or run, and he wanted to kill Americans. He continues to talk about the members of the al Qaida cell, but in vague terms, until Dan makes it clear that he will put Ammar back in the box if Ammar doesn’t start naming names. Ammar spills all the details he can, including that his uncle once worked for Bin Laden and that Ammar had seen him in Karachi, with a letter from the shah, which said to keep working on the jihad and keep it renewed for a hundred years. Finally Ammar gives them a name: Abu Ahmed.


Maya watches a computer monitor and studies old interrogation tapes, looking at each of the suspects and studying their stories. Apparently, Osama Bin Laden uses a complex network of carriers to relay messages to his supporters. She takes a break to make some food and Jessica walks in to ask how the search for the needle in the haystack is going. Jessica suggests that at the end of the day, everyone can be swayed with money, an idea that Maya questions since it doesn’t fit the motivations of a jihadist. But Jessica retorts that the weaker members would be swayed with money.

Putting on a dark colored wig to conceal her red hair, Maya is escorted to a CIA Black Site in Poland. Hakim (Fares Fares), a fellow agent and interpreter, brings her to their prisoner. They ask him a few questions and he claims that he had contact with a man known only as Fahraj. Maya is suspicious that the suspect is simply making it up until the prisoner names all of Fahraj’s children. He confirms that there was a network in place to pass messages on. Maya takes this information back to Bradley and gives him a report. Bradley points out that her hunt for Abu Ahmed has been fruitless because she doesn’t know his real name or where to find him. She retorts that the fact that everyone has heard of Abu Ahmed means that he is important. He tells her to let him know when there’s actionable intelligence so that they can order a strike.

London, England. July 7, 2005.

A double decker bus explodes. News footage of this latest AQ attack plays out on Bradley’s computer monitor and in Maya’s kitchen. On Bagram Air Force Base in Afghanistan, Dan feeds a pet monkey from his ice cream cone when he is informed that his detainee is ready. Maya is escorted into an ISI Detention Center in Pakistan. Her detainee is cooperative and tells her everything she wants to know about Abu Ahmed, a most trusted courier who cannot be found because he is one of the “disappeared ones.”

A man has an object strapped to his leg and is told, God willing, they will not have to use it. We follow the man as he walks through a complex where children are playing. His walk is observed by Dan. Individuals dressed like Muslim woman in all black follow him as he goes to meet with Fahraj. The Muslim women are revealed to be soldiers who grab Fahraj and swarm around him, rifles pointed at his chest. Bradley presents Maya with paperwork and tells her that she has a one on one with Fahraj.

Dan escorts Fahraj to his cage a private cell with barbed wire around the sides. Dan says that he’s bad news for men like Fahraj and that Dan isn’t going to help him, he’s going to break him. Asked if he’s hungry, Fahraj has a tube shoved down his throat and blended food is forced down his throat. He is a difficult prisoner, so Maya asks Dan if he will take a crack at Fahraj but he says no, he’s done this long enough. He’s getting sent back to go to Washington and do something normal. He asks her to come back with him and be his number 2 but she says she won’t find Abu Ahmed from DC. Dan warns her that politics are changing and that she needs to make sure she’s not the last one holding the dog collar when the investigators arrive. And since everyone knows her in Pakistan she’s going to need to start watching her back.

September 20, 2008, Marriott Hotel, Islamabad, Pakistan.

Jessica waits at a table and waves to Maya as she arrives, still attached to her phone. Maya apologizes for being late because of the check points. Jessica reminds Maya that they are socializing and pours her a glass of wine. Maya makes it clear that Abu Ahmed’s mystique confirms his importance. Suddenly, a bomb goes off outside the Marriott destroying most of the interior. Maya and Jessica struggle to find an exit, passing numerous staff and diners who have either been killed or wounded by the bomb. A truck outside had been stopped at a check point. The driver then detonated the truck’s payload of explosives.


Tribal Territories, Pakistan: A meeting of Bin Laden’s inner circle occurs while someone records it. Jessica walks up to Maya, ecstatic and proclaiming that the Jords have a mole. She shows Maya the video of the meeting and explains that a Jordanian doctor has made it into the inner circle. Bradley doesn’t buy it but the Jords claimed that money and patriotic duty would be enough to sway him from Bin Laden and the jihad. Maya points out that the guy is full of shit and they just have to meet him face to face. She helps Jessica convince Bradley to approve the operation.

Jessica tries to get the doctor to come to Islamabad, but the doctor refuses on the grounds that traveling out of the Muslim world would make him appear to be a flight risk. An interview of Obama talking about America’s moral stature plays in the background as Jessica tells Maya that the doctor would be willing to meet with Jessica in the Tribal territories. Maya points out that as a white woman Jessica would definitely be kidnapped. They brainstorm with a fellow agent who suggests Camp Chapman in Afghanistan as a safe area of compromise.

On the phone with Maya, Jessica decorates a cake for the doctor. Maya laughs and points out that Muslims don’t celebrate with cake. Jessica scolds her for being so literal and invites Maya out. Maya declines – it is Jessica’s lead and she deserves to run the show.

Jessica meets with a CIA agent, John, for drinks and they toast to the doctor their first big break since 9/11. She’s cross-checked all the information that they’ve been provided with and it checks out. The money that the doctor would stand to receive – million, would buys a new life. John posits that the doctor is exaggerating his access to Bin Laden but Jessica points out that in 6 months to a year, the doctor could be treating Bin Laden. With the money on the table, the doctor will flip – or they’ll kill him.

December 30, 2009.

Jessica and the other interrogators wait out outside at the base and everyone is on edge. Jessica is excited about the meeting, but the doctor is late. Just when he looks like a no-show, a car appears on the horizon and gets stopped at a check point. Jessica insists that he be ushered through the check point without being searched, per the agreement they had made beforehand. The officer in charge of security reluctantly agrees and the car is driven in and an old man gets out. When the soldiers order him to take his hand out of his pockets, he detonates a bomb, killing everyone in the vicinity including Jessica and John.

Maya hears the news about the bombing and is distraught. Several co-workers come and talk to her, giving her updates including news that a detainee has confirmed Abu Ahmed as dead. Maya is on the edge of a breakdown. That night, Jack approaches her to console her about Jessica’s death and asks what she’s going to do now. She tells Jack that she’s going to smoke out everyone involved in the operation and kill Bin Laden.

George (Mark Strong) arrives to brief Maya and her co-workers in the aftermath of the bombing, angrily pointing out that they are losing the fight against their enemy. He yells that they haven’t done shit, that killing four of the 20 members of Bin Laden’s inner circle is a terrible success rate. He demands they do their jobs and bring him people to kill.

A young female agent who admires Maya, approaches her and hands her a file on a man called Ibrahim Sayeed, whose extended family was involved in terrorist activities. The agent tells Maya that it was a lead that had been on the backburner for a while, as a result of all the white noise. Maya goes over the Abu Ahmed files one more time and realizes that Sayeed and Abu Ahmed have many similar facial features, due to their family relations. Maya calls Dan in Washington and points out that Abu Ahmed might not be dead, since the three eldest brothers looked alike, that the picture they’ve been associating with him is wrong. Abu Ahmed is still in play. She asks him to move heaven and earth and get the Sayeed family’s phone number.

Dan goes to talk to “The Wolf” (Fredric Lehne), a shadowy high-ranking official in the U.S. government, and requests a couple hundred thousand dollars to break open Maya’s lead. The Wolf tells Dan that there is a lot of oversight going on and that the investigators will not stop until they have a body. Dan makes a deal with the Wolf. If the Wolf backs him financially, he will return the favor by defending the methods used to an oversight committee.

Kuwait City, Kuwait.

Dan meets with one of his highly placed contacts and buys him a Lamborghini in exchange for the Sayeed family’s phone number. Maya meets with Larry (Edgar Ramirez) from Ground Branch and has him start hunting for Abu Ahmed. Larry and Hakim go for a drive in the city and begin to trace the identity of the Sayeed brother who is likely Abu Ahmed.

May 1, 2010. Times Square.

In the aftermath of an attempted car bombing in NYC, Maya tries to talk to Bradley about the ground surveillance on the caller, which Bradley says they don’t have. Bradley wants to dismiss her lead because it is not relevant. He says he doesn’t give a shit about Bin Laden, he only cares about stopping the next attack. Their goal is to protect the homeland, but Bradley points out that Maya’s lead is only a fucking facilitator. Maya threatens Bradley, telling him to give her the team she needs or send her back to DC and face a hearing before congress to be the first station chief to be called before congress for subverting the effort to find and kill Bin Laden. Bradley tells her she’s fucking crazy but gives the order.

Jack approaches Maya in a bar and gives her a cell phone, telling her the suspect bought a new phone and they cloned a copy, so that whenever his phone rings this cloned phone will ring as well. Hakim, Larry, and a third agent follow the signal from the phone in Pakistan. After briefly being stopped, and threatened by locals who recognize them as not belonging there, they drive away and are able to find the owner of the cell phone. They ID him and photograph him and his vehicle.

A crowd of protesters outside the CIA facility in Pakistan protest against Bradley. Bradley had been named in a lawsuit by the family of a victim of a drone strike by the ISI. Bradley is recalled to the United States, removing him from his position. Maya tells him that the ISI fucked him, but he says nothing.

Larry and Hakim follow the suspect’s vehicle to a compound in Islamabad. As Maya leaves her house, a pair of


Jessica Chastain

Joel Edgerton

Chris Pratt

Mark Strong


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