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New Releases: Django Unchained – (2012)

New Releases: Django Unchained - (2012) Genre: Adventure, Crime, Drama, Western, Release Date: 2013-04-16 Durati...


New Releases: Django Unchained – (2012)

New Releases: Django Unchained - (2012)
Genre: Adventure, Crime, Drama, Western,
Release Date: 2013-04-16
Duration: 165 Min

  • Quentin Tarantino

In the opening scene (set in the year 1858), Django (Jamie Foxx), a slave, is chained to a bunch of other slaves and being marched to his new owner’s estate in Texas by the Speck brothers. At nightfall, a German man in a dentist cart pulls up and hails the Speck brothers. He introduces himself as Dr. King Schultz (Christoph Waltz). King is clearly more intelligent and enlightened than the Specks. He says he is looking for a slave who can identify the Brittle brothers. Django announces that he knows the Brittle brothers and can identify them. King offers to buy Django, but his educated manner rubs the ill-mannered Specks the wrong way, and one of the Specks threatens to kill him. In response, King shoots and kills one brother, and cripples the other. Having been crippled, the remaining Speck brother agrees to sell Django, and King pays the man (for both Django, and the dead Speck’s horse), gets an official title to Django, and prepares to ride off. Before King leaves, however, he frees the remaining slaves (clearly, King finds slavery abhorrent) and says that they may either carry the remaining Speck brother back to town, or shoot him and flee. As Django and King ride off, we hear Speck pleading for his life, and then a gunshot, implying that they chose the latter option.

We then see Django’s back story. He was in love with, and married, a fellow slave-woman named Broomhilda Von Shaft (Kerry Washington) who had been a servant of a German mistress before being sold into slavery in the U.S. Their owner (Bruce Dern) was cruel and disapproved of their marriage, so the pair attempted escape. They were caught by the Brittle brothers, who tortured and branded them both with the mark of a runaway, a small “R” on their right cheeks. Their owner then directed the Brittle brothers to sell the pair to separate owners, and to take the lowest price for Django.

Django and King arrive in a small town near El Paso and walk into a bar despite the fact that Django is forbidden from doing so because he is black due to the South’s segregation laws. When King insists on being served, the barkeep runs out of the saloon. King tells him specifically to bring the sheriff, not the town marshal. King pours a beer for himself and Django and leaves money on the bar. He explains that he is no longer a dentist, but a bounty hunter in search of the Brittle brothers who are wanted dead or alive. He admits that although he knows the general location of the brothers, they have adopted aliases, and he needs somebody who can identify them. The pair are interrupted by the sheriff, who orders them to leave the bar. Once outside, however, King shoots the sheriff dead with a spring-loaded pistol concealed up his sleeve. The barkeep runs off to find the federal marshal, while King continues talking to Django. King tells Django that if he helps him bring in the Brittle brothers, King will give him his freedom, pay him a share of the reward, and let him keep his horse. Django immediately agrees as the marshal (Tom Wopat) arrives and has the building surrounded. King reveals to the marshal and the townsfolk that the sheriff was actually an outlaw who had adopted a new alias when he arrived in town and the sheriff had a bounty on his head and a warrant for him signed by a federal judge. King suggests that the marshal pay him his reward.

Django and King develop a plan to infiltrate the estate where the Brittle brothers reside and for Django to point the three brothers out to King while there. Django is to play-act as a freed slave who has been hired as King’s Valet. They arrive at the plantation owned by Spencer “Big Daddy” Bennett (Don Johnson). King states he is looking to buy one of Bennett’s slave girls for an exorbitant price. As he and Bennett talk business, Django is given free range to look around the estate. He eventually finds two of the Brittle brothers preparing to whip a young black girl in the same manner they had tortured Broomhilda. Rather than alerting King, he shoots one brother dead and whips another unconscious before also shooting him. Hearing the commotion, King and Bennett race to the scene to find the two dead Brittle brothers and the third fleeing on horseback. King uses his sniper rifle to shoot and kill the final Brittle brother, after Django confirms the man’s true identity. Though Bennett is incensed, he is forced to let them go once King explains they are legally authorized to kill and collect these men.

That night, out for revenge, Bennett calls out all the fellow white men of the plantation to kill Django and King, whose dentist’s cart is found located just outside of town. They all arrive wearing KKK style masks (including a cameo by Jonah Hill) and a funny scene ensues wherein they all admit they can’t see anything through the poorly-made hoods. They eventually get their act together and ride over the hill to attack the cart, only to find the cart abandoned and filled with explosives. Django and King sit in a tree some distance away, and King shoots the cart, blowing it up and killing most of the Klansmen. Bennett manages to survive the detonation and begins riding away, but Django shoots and kills him with the sniper rifle. King realizes that Django is a formidable natural sharpshooter.

King asks what Django will do now that he is officially free, and Django says he will locate his wife (believed to be in Mississippi) and try to purchase her freedom. King, who has bonded with Django and is impressed by both his intelligence and marksmanship, proposes to help Django rescue his wife if Django will work with him over the winter in collecting bounties. King is also impressed with Broomhilda’s name (and her ability to speak German), telling Django the German legend of Broomhilda. In the legend: the beautiful Broomhilda is captured and imprisoned in a tower on a mountainside that is guarded by a dragon and surrounded by hellfire. Her lover, Siegfried, rescues her, facing the mountain and dragon simply because he is brave, but overcoming the hellfire out of his love for Broomhilda.

Django agrees to King’s proposal, finding him to be a deeply honorable man in spite of his line of work. King trains Django to not only be an expert with a gun, but also how to read and present himself in public. On one mission, Django and King perch themselves on a hill overlooking a small farm where Django hesitates to kill a man who is now peacefully working on the farm and has a son. King explains that before the man owned this farm and started a family, he murdered several people while robbing stagecoaches, and that he has a ,000 bounty on his head. King explains that it is this own man’s actions in a dirty world that has brought the bounty hunters to his door. Hearing this, Django shoots and kills the man in front of his son. King tells him to keep the wanted poster, as a bounty hunter’s first successful poster is good luck. Throughout the winter, Django imagines he and Broomhilda free and happy.

Jumping forward to March 1859, once winter passes, the two head back to the South in search of Broomhilda. King discovers that she was sold to a man named Calvin Candie (Leonardo DiCaprio), the owner of a plantation known as ‘Candie Land’. Candie is famous for breeding “mandingos”–slaves who are bred to fight each other to the death (bare-knuckle) for their owner’s amusement (and for betting purposes). King says that he will pose as a wealthy European who seeks to purchase one of Candie’s mandingos to take to fight in Europe, and that Django is his business partner and talent evaluator.

That evening, Django and King arrive at a Candie’s Cleopatra Club and they meet Candie’s lawyer, Leonide Moguy (Dennis Christopher), who explains that Candie is obsessed with French culture (although Candie, unlike the actually cultured King, does not speak French). The two are brought upstairs where they watch a mandingo fight, which is very brutal and fatal for the loser, who gets his eyes gouged out by the winner. It turns out that Candie is boorish and clearly arrogant and ignorant despite his wealth and high upbringing. Django is incredibly offensive to Candie and his guests, talking back to all the white men. Candie finds Django’s rude and defensive behavior amusing and King to be charming. King and Django state that they are willing to pay an exorbitant amount (,000) for one of Candie’s better mandingos and they arrange to return with him to his estate.

The next morning, the group travels in a convoy to the Candieland ranch. Django continues to act defiantly, insulting both slave and white man alike, and displays his intelligence. When King asks Django why he is so belligerent, Django says he is playing his role in this dirty world. Candie states that he believes one in 10,000 black men are exceptional, and believes Django to be one of those rare few. As they travel to Candie Land, they see one of Candie’s slaves chased up a tree by some of Candie’s white trash work-men and their vicious hounds. It turns out the slave, named D’Artagnan (named by Candie after the hero from The Three Musketeers, a book written by Frenchman Alexandre Dumas), is a mandingo who was caught running away. Candie convinces D’Artagnan to come down from the tree where D’Artagnan explains he can’t handle any other fights despite having won three in a row. Candie states that his slaves can’t retire from fighting until they have won at least five matches in order for him to recoup his 0 investment in them, and that D’Artagnan must be killed. King suddenly offers to pay Candie 0 to spare D’Artagnan’s life, but Django, realizing such odd behavior would blow their cover, loudly declares that D’Artagnan isn’t worth a single penny. King, coming to his senses, agrees not to pay for D’Artagnan, and Candie has the slave ripped to pieces by the hounds as they all look on. Django glares at Candie, but imagines himself reunited with Broomhilda to keep his anger suppressed.

A little later, they all arrive at Candie Land and meet Candie’s widowed sister Lara (Laura Cayouette) and his loyal house-slave and foreman trustee Stephen (Samuel L. Jackson). It is clear that Stephen is appalled that Django is free and riding on a horse into the estate along with his master and other white men. Django also takes an instant dislike to Stephen too. Stephen informs Candie that, while he was gone, Broomhilda also attempted to escape and is now locked in a large metal box in Candie’s field. King says he wishes to meet Broomhilda, saying he heard legend of her German-speaking abilities. Candie, wanting to please his guest, orders Broomhilda to be cleaned up and sent to King’s room. Once there, King explains to Broomhilda (in German) that he and his “friend” are here to rescue her. He then signals Django to come into his room, and Broomhilda faints with happiness upon seeing her husband. King, who is impressed with Broomhilda’s intelligence, begins the next phase of his plan.

That evening at dinner, Broomhilda serves Candie and his many guests – including King and Django. Lara notes that Broomhilda seems to be attracted to Django. This piques Stephen’s curiosity (Stephen is clearly invested in Candie’s success, and also forces the other slaves call him “Sir,” as though he were their master) and he begins to interrogate Broomhilda in a back room. Broomhilda denies knowing Django, but Stephen knows that she is lying because she bears the same small ‘r’ brand (for “runaway”) on the right side of her face as Django does.

Meanwhile, King, despite Django’s “objections,” offers to buy Candie’s third-best mandingo for ,000. They agree that King will return to the estate in five days with a lawyer to complete the transaction. Candie, clearly thrilled at this windfall, is then asked by King whether he can also purchase Broomhilda and take immediate possession of her (King claims he is interested in her ability to speak German, though Candie is convinced King is simply sexually attracted to her).

Before Candie can accept the deal, Stephen interrupts and asks to speak to his master in another room. Once there, Stephen (drinking brandy) tells Candie that he is convinced that Django and Broomhilda know each other and that King and Django intend to buy her, leave the property, and never return for the mandingo. Candie is incensed and has his white friends surround the pair and disarm them. He then explains that he collects the skulls of his dead slaves and has realized that the reason they don’t rise up and kill their masters, despite easily outnumbering the whites, is that their brains are predisposed to subservience whereas white brains are built for dominance and ingenuity. Candie then reveals he knows that they want Broomhilda, and unless they immediately pay him ,000 for her, he will kill her and examine her skull in front of them. King immediately agrees to these terms, and Candie tells Django that he is not exceptional after all.

King pays the ,000 and Candie has his lawyer, Leonide Moguy, begin drawing up the papers transferring ownership of Broomhilda to King. Candie gloats about his victory and intelligence, and King thinks back to D’Artagnan’s brutal death. The papers are signed, but before they leave, King insults Candie’s intelligence, noting how especially stupid Candie is, since he names his slaves after characters in novels written by Dumas even though Dumas was a black man. Candie, seeking to humiliate King and recognizing that King finds him to be a disgusting human being, says he will not allow the travelers to leave with Broomhilda unless King shakes his hand. This is more than King can take, and he uses his hidden spring-loaded pistol to shoot and kill Candie. King apologizes to Django just before he himself is fatally shot with a shotgun by one of Candie’s henchmen. Django then goes on a rampage, killing the henchman who killed King, Leonide Moguy, and dozens of armed white ranchmen as they try to overwhelm him. The gun-battle is finally ended when Stephen and a white man capture Broomhilda and threaten to kill her unless Django surrenders. Feeling that he has no other choice, Django does surrender and he is brutally beaten by Candie’s crew.

When Django awakens, he is naked and tied upside down. A man is preparing to castrate him with a red hot knife. Stephen enters and tells the man that the plans have changed, and Django is no longer slated for castration. After the man leaves, Stephen explains that Django would have died too quickly if he had been castrated. Stephen, wanting Django to suffer, has arranged to sell him to a mining company as a slave, where Django will spend the rest of his days.

En route to the mining company, Django is able to get the attention of one of the transporters (a group of Australians, including a cameo by director Quentin Tarantino). He tells them that he is a bounty hunter, not a slave, and that he was tracking a man worth ,000 before he was captured. He promises that if they free and arm him, he will give them the lion’s share of the reward. They find the bounty notice (from Django’s first kill) on his person and also question the other slaves, who admit that Django is a bounty hunter and rode in to Candie Land with white men on a horse. The transporters unwisely free Django and he immediately kills them all and frees the other slaves bound for the mine. He takes a horse, guns, and dynamite and heads back to Candie Land.

Django first stops and kills the men (trackers) who had hunted down the escaped D’Artagnan with their hounds, killing them all in D’Artagnan’s name (the masked female tracker is played by Zoe Bell, and another tracker is played by Tom Savini). He then finds King’s dead body in a stable with the freedom papers for Broomhilda still on him. After he takes the papers, Django swears that his next act of vengeance will be in honor of King.

Django sneaks back onto the estate and finds and frees Broomhilda. He has her wait outside Candie Land while he engages in further preparations. That evening, then Candie’s family and friends return from Candie’s funeral, Django is there waiting and shoots them all, even Lara (despite the fact that Lara never harmed him in any way). He then shoots Stephen in the kneecaps, stating that, in the 9,999 slaves Stephen has likely betrayed while working for Cand


Jamie Foxx

Christoph Waltz

Leonardo DiCaprio

Kerry Washington


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New Releases: Life of Pi – (2012)


New Releases: Life of Pi – (2012)

New Releases: Life of Pi - (2012)
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Fantasy,
Release Date: 2013-03-12
Duration: 127 Min

  • Ang Lee

Pi Patel(Irrfan Khan), an immigrant from Pondicherry in India living in Montreal, Canada, is approached by a local novelist(Rafe Spall) who has been referred to him by his “uncle” (a family friend), believing that Pi’s life story would make a great book. Pi relates an extended tale:

His parents had named him Piscine Molitor after a swimming pool in France. He changes his name to “Pi” (the mathematical symbol, ) when he begins secondary school(Gautam Belur), even repeating numerous digits of pi, because he is tired of being taunted with the nickname “Pissing Patel”. His family owns a local zoo, and Pi takes an interest in the animals, especially a Bengal tiger named Richard Parker because of a clerical error. Pi tries to feed the tiger, endangering himself to being attacked, and to teach him the reality of the tiger’s nature as a carnivore, Pi’s father(Adil Hussain) forces him to witness it killing a goat. He is raised Hindu and vegetarian, but at 12 years old, he is introduced to Christianity and then Islam, and starts to follow all three religions as he “just wants to love God.” When asked if he is also Jewish, he replies that he lectures in Kabbalah at the university.

When Pi is 16(Ayush Tandon), his father decides to close the zoo and move his family to Canada, and sell the zoo animals, to ensure a good future for his children. They book passage with their animals (to be sold in North America) on a Japanese freighter named the Tsimtsum. On board the ship, Pi’s father gets into an argument with the ship’s cook (Gerard Depardieu) when he speaks to Pi’s mother(Tabu) rudely. One night, the ship encounters a heavy storm and begins to sink while Pi is on deck marveling at the storm. He tries to find his family, but a crew member throws him into a lifeboat; from the rough sea, he watches helplessly as the ship sinks, killing his family and its crew.

After the storm, Pi finds himself in the lifeboat with an injured zebra, and is joined by an orangutan who lost her offspring in the shipwreck. A spotted hyena emerges from the tarp covering half of the boat, and kills the zebra. To Pi’s distress, the hyena also mortally wounds the orangutan in a fight. Suddenly Richard Parker emerges from under the tarp, and kills and eats the hyena.

Pi finds emergency food and water rations on the boat. He builds a small raft of flotation devices so that he can stay at a safe distance from the tiger. Realizing that he must feed the tiger to protect himself, Pi begins fishing, with some success. He also collects rain water for both to drink. At one point, he makes a board ladder for the tiger to climb back into the boat after it had jumped off to hunt fish. In a nighttime encounter with a breaching whale, Pi loses much of his supplies. Faced with starvation, he eats raw fish. After many days at sea, Pi realizes that he can no longer live on the tiny raft and trains the tiger Richard Parker to accept him in the boat. He also realizes that caring for the tiger is keeping him alive.

After weeks longer at sea, near the end of their strength, they reach a floating island of edible plants, supporting a forest, fresh water pools, and a large population of meerkats. Both Pi and Richard Parker eat and drink freely and regain strength. But at night the island transforms into a hostile environment, with the fresh water turning acidic, digesting all the dead fish that died in the pools. The tiger returns to the lifeboat at night. Pi finds a human tooth inside a plant flower and concludes that the plants are carnivorous, requiring them to leave the island.

The lifeboat eventually reaches the coast of Mexico. Finally back on land, Richard Parker stumbles away from Pi and stops at the edge of the jungle. Pi expects that the tiger will turn toward him and acknowledge him, but instead he looks into the jungle for a while and goes in. Pi, too weak to follow, lies in the sand. He is rescued by a group who carry him to hospital, but he weeps that the tiger had walked away without him.

In hospital, insurance agents for the Japanese freighter come to hear his account of the incident. They find his story unbelievable, and ask him to tell them what “really” happened, if only for the credibility of their report. He answers with a less fantastic but detailed account of sharing the lifeboat with his mother, a sailor with a broken leg, and the cook. In this story, the cook kills the sailor to use him as bait and food. In a later struggle, Pi’s mother pushes him to safety on a smaller raft, and the cook stabs her as she falls overboard to the sharks. Later, Pi returns to grab the knife and kills the cook.

In the present, the writer notes parallels between the two stories: the orangutan was Pi’s mother, the zebra was the sailor, the hyena was the cook, and Richard Parker, the tiger, was Pi himself. Pi asks him which story the writer prefers; he chooses the one with the tiger because it “is the better story”, to which Pi responds, “And so it is with God”. Glancing at a copy of the insurance report, the writer notices a closing comment about the remarkable feat of surviving 227 days at sea, especially with a tiger – meaning that the agents chose that story as well.


Suraj Sharma

Irrfan Khan

Adil Hussain



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