DVD: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 – (2011)

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DVD: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 - (2011) Genre: Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Release Date: 2012-02-...

DVD: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 – (2011)

DVD: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 - (2011)
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Romance,
Release Date: 2012-02-11
Duration: 117 Min

  • Bill Condon

***** W A R N I N G THIS IS A HUGE SPOILER (if you haven’t read the books and WANT to be surprised- DO NOT READ this) *****

This is Breaking Dawn Part 1 only. The rest will be in Part 2:

The invitations are sent out. Jacob turns and runs to Canada after he gets his invitation. Bella is nervous about the wedding and has a bad dream that she and Edward kill all of their guests.

Bella’s mom comes out for the wedding and Bella gets to see her one last time. Alice arranges the whole event and they have the wedding at the Cullen house. Bella is clearly nervous and doesn’t appear to want to go through with the wedding, but after she locks eyes with Edward, she becomes more confident and assured. Jacob shows up at the reception to wish Bella well and see her one last time before she is a vampire. Bella explains that they are waiting until after the honeymoon to turn her. Jacob gets upset, knowing that sex human to vampire could kill Bella. Edward rushes over to tell Jacob to mind his own business and the wolves appear as well to pull him away from the reception.

Edward whisks Bella off and they have a romantic honeymoon at a secret location off the coast of Brazil. They make love the first night but Edweard refuses to touch Bella again after leaving her full of bruises the first time. The native Brazilian maid freaks out when she sees human Bella in Edward’s arms. They spend most of their honeymoon playing chess while Bella tries to convince Edward to make love to her again.

Two weeks after losing her virginity to Edward, Bella gets morning sickness and throws up. She then realizes after seeing her box of unopened tampons, that her period is late. Bella runs to the mirror and sees a bump as if she is already a few months pregnant. Then she feels a twitch inside her womb. Alice calls Edward concerned about Bella because she can no longer see Bella’s future. The Brazilian maid tells Edward the baby will kill Bella. Edward packs their bags and takes Bella home, intending on having Carlisle abort the baby. Meanwhile, Bella has called Rosalie and enlisted her help to prevent the abortion.

Bella tells Charlie that she has gotten ill and is extending her honeymoon until she feels better. Jacob, Sam and the rest of the wolf pack find out Bella is pregnant with Edward’s baby. Sam says they have to protect their people and prevent this monster from being born. Using his alpha-wolf voice that the pack must obey, Sam declares that the wolf pack must kill Bella and the rest of the Cullens. Still in love with Bella, Jacob uses his birth right as the true alpha to resist Sam’s order. In doing this, Jacob creates a second wolf pack. Leah and Seth leave Sam’s pack and follow Jacob. Jacob tells them to go back, but they don’t listen and Jacob refuses to use his alpha voice. Jacob’s pack warns the Cullens and takes up guard duty outside the Cullen house.

Bella gets weaker and weaker as her baby grows alarmingly fast inside her. Desperate, Edward tries to get Jacob to convince Bella to abort the baby. Edward gives Jacob permission to kill him if Bella dies. Bella insists on keeping this baby. Worried, Jacob suggests that the baby might want blood. The Cullens fix Bella some O- human blood to drink that Dr. Carlisle got from a blood bank. It works and Bella gets a little stronger. Her belly is fully pregnant but the rest of her body is frail and thin. The babies weight starts to break her rib cage. Edward is still convinced that they should abort the fetus.

Suddenly, Edward hears the baby’s thoughts. He knows that the baby is innocent and not a blood thirsty monster as he had feared. Everyone but Jacob now wants to keep the baby. Bending over to clean up the blood she spilled, Bella hears a loud crack as her back breaks. As she falls to the ground her knee breaks as well. Edwards rushes to catch her head. Carlisle is out hunting with Esme and Emmett as none of them have fed for weeks trying to protect Bella from the wolves. Edward performs an emergency C section to save the baby and then uses a metal syringe to inject his vampire venom directly into his wife’s heart, hoping to save her from death.

Meanwhile, Jacob is sure Bella will die. Bella sees her new baby girl, named Renesme, and then her heart stops. Edwards tries to pump the venom through her heart and bites her multiple times trying to save her. Jacob tells him he will not kill Edwards so he will have to live with the guilt. Furious at the baby for killing Bella, Jacob goes to kill the baby. However, as soon as he sees Baby Renesme, Jacob imprints on her. Jacob sees her life and how she grows up to be a beautiful woman. He knows he will do anything and be anyone for her.

The wulf pack decends and the Cullens are out numbered. Luckily Carlisle, Esme and Emmett come back just in time. Seth and Leah fight their own brothers to protect the baby. Then Jacob comes out. Seeing that he has imprinted on the baby, the wolves can no longer harm her. Edwards explains that it is their oldest and most sacred rule.

Edward cleans and dresses Bella. Hoping that the venom will soon kick in and she will come back to life. Slowly her body begins to fill with regular body fat again, her bones repair themselves, her bite marks disappear and the movie ends with her eyes opening, showing a blood red color instead of her usual brown eyes.

After the credits, we return to Italy where The Volturi; Marcus, Caius and Aro find out about Bella becoming the newest vampire to their coven. Marcus and Caius assume their fued with the Cullens is over, but Aro assures them that it’s just getting started because they have something that he wants.


Kristen Stewart

Robert Pattinson

Taylor Lautner

Gil Birmingham


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3 responses to “DVD: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 – (2011)”

  1. Maciej "Darth Maciek" says:
    117 of 124 people found the following review helpful:
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    A very tasty story about love and death dancing with wolves, mixing happiness and sadness, despair and hope – and sex and blood!, November 16, 2011
    Maciej “Darth Maciek” (Darth Maciek is out there…) –

    This review is from: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part I (Two-Disc Special Edition) (DVD)

    I just saw “Breaking Dawn” part 1, and I was VERY impressed, even if as a man I am probably not the most typical fan of “Twilight” series. I rather liked all the “Twilight” movies until now and this one is, to my personnal taste, as good as the previous ones – and even in one aspect a little bit better, as Edward and Bella finally become lovers. Below, you will find a short description of what I believe are the best elements of this film, with very limited SPOILERS: 1. Actors. All actors evolved as the serie continued and I believe they all got better with time. Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner are both excellent, but – in my humble opinion – it is Kristen Stewart who in this movie shines the most. Quite a lot of people frequently criticized her actorship claiming that she simply can not play at all and has a very limited assortment of expressions in her tool box. But for me, after reading “Twilight” books, this is how the character of Bella should be. I can hardly picture her wide smiling with all her teeth bared or doing any other highly extraverted things like that. In fact I believe that either by design or by accident Kristen Stewart got the things right about this character – her minimalistic approach to facial expressions actually makes (for me) Bella very believable and also quite likeable. In this part of the story, Bella takes a more dynamic approach to life by taking her destiny firmly under control. She makes important decisions and takes extreme risks, stubbornly resisting the opposite advice of all her family and friends – all of that in a deceptively unassuming way… And Kristen Stewart acted in the movie exactly as I pictured Bella did it, when I read the books. A very good job! Other actors are also great, with Ashley Greene and Billy Burke being as usual the pillars – but amongst the supporting roles it is Nikki Reed who really gets the most praise from me. She has a much bigger role in this film and she is perfect in it! The one (little) disappointment is Jackson Rathbone, who changed comletely his haircut for this film and as a result his character, Jasper, seems much less impressive, which is a pity. He also seems to appear very little in the “first line”, almost as if the director preferred to hide him a little… 2. Visual aspects. As usual, the images of state of Washington are great, but the tropical island where Bella and Edward spend their honey moon is also very pleasantly showed. Dark forests filled with (were)wolves are very much present here and they are a great background for the story. 3. Music. As usual in those series, music and songs have been selected very carefully and with a great taste. 4. The (were)wolf pack. The Quileute wolves are shown here even more and better than in the previous part. The scene of their war council, when they are all in the werewolf form, is absolutely great! The scene when Sam (the alpha male) asserts and confirms his power over the pack is excellent – as good as the description of Jacob’s defiance and its consequences. 5. The wedding. A very nice and moving scene with some humour elements, especially when the guests make speeches offering toasts. Emmett, Jessica and Bella’s father give here a great show. In the same time Mike Newton obsesses on vampire bridesmaids from the Denali clan, to the point of drooling (and I TOTALLY understand him!). Bella’s mum and, suprprise surprise, Rosalie (!) are also real treasures in wedding scenes. 6. Quileute wolves vs. Cullen coven confrontation. This heartbreaking, tense and at moments violent conflict in which both sides are trapped against their will is a great moment in the Twilight saga – and its final resolution is even better! Finally it is true what the Beatles were singing – all you need is love! Babies help too…7. The fight for Bella’s life, Renesmee’s bloody birth and Bella’s fate – excellent! Those were moments very difficult to film – but the challenge was met succesfully! Nothing more about it to avoid more spoilers, but I was very impressed! Conclusion: it is an excellent movie which I watched with great pleasure. My wife, who usually is a much harder person to please, loved it too and she is going to see it again with some girlfriends. And we will certainly both wait with great expectations for the “Breaking dawn” part 2. If it was done as well as that one, it will be certainly worth waiting one year to see it…

  2. lilnhavoc says:
    47 of 51 people found the following review helpful:
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Above and Beyond Expectations, November 21, 2011

    This review is from: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part I [Blu-ray] (Blu-ray)

    Being a huge fan of the books and a pretty big fan of the movies, I was blown away at what a great job they did with this movie installment. I loved the visual and audio parallels they drew between the original movie, Twilight, and this movie. For instance (Spoiler Alerts throughout): I loved how they played Flightless Bird during the wedding ceremony and the way the camera circled them kissing in the same manner the camera circled E & B kissing at Prom at the very end of Twilight. It was a subtle, yet stunning way to visually tie the two movies together and really made more of an emotional impact than if they had just shot them straight on and plugged in a different song. That was genius. And that dress…gorgeous. Just as it was described in the book. I also loved that rather than having one continuous honeymoon “consummation” scene, they broke it up with Bella thinking about certain moments the next morning after looking in the mirror for the first time, where she’s no longer a virgin. It was all done so tastefully. The way one’s first time should be at that age. Not at some house party or in the back of some guy’s car. For those who read the books and knew how Edward did everything he could to exhaust Bella with activities on their honeymoon so she’d be too tired to “try again”, you have to admit that Bill Condon did such a great job showing you visually all the things they were doing without either character having to come out and say, I’m/you’re trying to exhaust you/me. And it was adorable with KS put on her little nightgown and leaned against the wall…I got married when I was 19 and I felt the exact same way when I put on lingerie for the first time and dreaded walking into the bedroom with my little gown on. I felt like a child playing dress-up, much like it came off Bella felt. I was also very impressed by the manner with which Bill Condon allowed us to see through the eyes of Jacob for the first time and hear what he hears with regard to the internal dialog between him and the pack. That scene where the wolves were running to the lumber yard and their voices echoed in Jacob’s mind…that was so perfectly done. AND, I loved loved loved the way the Sam and Jacob had their battle for alpha. It was as if you, the person watching the movie, was in the mind of a wolf who is being forced into submission by it’s Alpha. The CGI team did a great job because I forgot I was watching computer generated wolves and the intensity of the scene felt like I was there witnessing the true dynamic of a wolf pack. I thought the birth scene was beyond intense. The scene almost mirroring that as it’s written in the book. I think they showed just the right amount of Bella’s internal agony during her transformation. For those of us who read the books, to say she had a prolonged bout of suffering during her transformation would be an understatement. However, if they had shown more of that in the movie, it would have taken from the torture that Edward was going through thinking he had lost Bella, and Jacob’s malevolence towards Renesmee prior to imprinting on her. That whole scene allowed for each character’s state of mind to be both seen, visually, and felt, emotionally. Powerfully shot and brilliantly executed. I imagine the imprinting scene was a difficult one to translate from paper to screen. They did a great job in this as well. Not in any way cheesy, but sweet and breathless…if that makes any sense. The only thing I did not love about it was that the girl/teenager Jacob sees as an older Renesmee appeared to be CGI. They used an actual young girl to play the younger Renesmee, why not use a real person for the older Renesmee too? I’m sure Hollywood has a few young actresses that would have auditioned for the part???I loved the fight between the wolves and the Cullens at the very end of the movie. In the books, you go from Jacob’s perspective where he witnesses Bella’s death and then walks into the living room to kill Renesmee, only to imprint on her. And then you go immediately back to Bella’s perspective where she’s riving in pain while she’s transforming into a vampire. I feel Melissa Rosenburg had a stroke of brilliance when she decided to add this scene so that the audience could see what could have happened in the books, but did happen in the movie, during the time period between Jacob imprinting on Renesmee and Bella awakening for the first time as a vampire. Another unexpected and totally welcomed brilliant surprise of this movie. Another welcome surprise for me was while Bella was at the very end of her transformation. I thought it was a touching visual moment that just before her heart beat for the very last time, we witnessed Bella’s memories in a somewhat reverse chronological order, ending with her very first human memory as a baby in the arms of her parents bouncing her in front of a mirror. But what was not a surprise…

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  3. Heidi Woodruff "H. Woodruff" says:
    5 of 5 people found the following review helpful:
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Time has finally arrived, November 25, 2011
    Heidi Woodruff “H. Woodruff” (Clarksville, TN USA) – (REAL NAME)

    This review is from: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part I (Two-Disc Special Edition) (DVD)

    I went to the midnight premier of Breaking Dawn part 1 and the movie was over in a flash. It was worth the wait and was well made. It was nice seeing Stephanie Meyer during the wedding. There are many high lights out of the book I was worried about (e.g. wedding night, birth, imprinting. All my worries were relieved, once I saw how great they were shown, especially after reading the books. I would like to go see the movie again. Now all us Twihards have to wait another year until the part 2 comes out. I would recommend this movie to anybody. Loved it

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