DVD: Batman Beyond – (1999)

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DVD: Batman Beyond - (1999) Genre: Adventure, Animation, Action, Crime, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Drama, Thriller, Release Date: 2...

DVD: Batman Beyond – (1999)

DVD: Batman Beyond - (1999)
Genre: Adventure, Animation, Action, Crime, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Drama, Thriller,
Release Date: 2010-11-23
Duration: 30 Min
Fueled by remorse and vengeance, a high schooler named Terry McGinnis revives the role of Batman. Under supervision of an elderly Bruce Wayne, he fights crime in a harsh futuristic Gotham.


Will Friedle

Kevin Conroy

Cree Summer

Lauren Tom


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  1. Reconnecting To My Childhood "Time Won't Let ... says:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Beyond – The Complete Series, August 8, 2010
    Reconnecting To My Childhood “Time Won’t Let …(TOP 500 REVIEWER)

    This review is from: Batman Beyond: The Complete Series (DVD)

    Apathy, Greed, Corruption, Power… Hope. This complete series collection contains all the episodes from Batman Beyond, the 1999/2000 series that focused on a new Batman and his mentor an aging Bruce Wayne 50 years after the setting of the very popular and emmy award winning Batman: The Animated Series. This 9-disc set contains all three seasons of the series which are comprised of the following 52 episodes: Season 1 Rebirth (with optional commentary) Rebirth 2 Black Out Golem Meltdown Heroes Shriek (with optional commentary) Dead Man’s Hand The Winning Edge Spellbound Disappearing Inque A Touch of Curare Ascension Season 2 Splicers (with optional commentary) Earth Mover Joyride Lost Soul Hidden Agendas Bloodsport Once Burned Hooked Up Rats Mind Games Revenant Babel Terry’s Friend Dates a Robot Eyewitness Final Cut The Last Resort Armory Sneak Peek The Eggbaby (with optional commentary) Zeta Plague April Moon Sentries of the Last Cosmos Payback Where’s Terry Ace in the Hole Season 3 King’s Ransom Untouchable Inqueling Big Time Out of the Past Speak No Evil The Call (1) The Call (2) Betrayal Curse of Kobra (1) Curse of Kobra (2) Countdown Unmasked Packaging: The series is nicely, and appropriately packaged, to be a match set with the Batman: The Animated Series complete series set. The only difference is that this packaging art has also appropriately been updated to match the more futuristic tone of the Batman Beyond Series. Similar to the previous set this one is comprised of one large DVD snapcase that holds the discs of the series, that snapcase fits into a binded case that’s front lifts up. That case slides into a nice clear plastic casing (that is open on both ends) to add a nice level of dimension to the artwork on the cover of the box. Also inside the set is a nice and fairly well sized booklet featuring series artwork from the DC Archives. *The nice thing about these complete series sets is that unlike certain others they do keep your discs well protected from scratches. Special Features: All the previous special features will be included in this nicely packaged set, along with them will be a new ninth disc with new featurette’s exclusive to this set. Season 1 Special Features Inside Batman Beyond: meet series creators – a sit down with Bruce Timm and other creative minds behind the show as they discuss the creation of the series. Music of the Knight: score-only versions of key scenes ”Rebirth” Part 1 Commentary by Bruce Timm (Producer), Alan Burnett (Producer), Paul Dini (Producer), Glenn Murakami (Producer), and Curt Geda (Director) ”Shriek” Commentary by Bruce Timm (Producer), Alan Burnett (Producer), Glenn Murakami (Producer), Curt Geda (Director), and Stan Berkowitz (Writer) Season 2 Special Features Inside Batman Beyond: The Panel – discussion with Producer Bruce Timm, Producer Alan Burnett, Producer Glen Murakami, Producer Paul Dini and Moderator Jason Hillhouse ”Splicers” Commentary by Bruce Timm (Producer), James Tucker (commentator replacement for director Curt Geda), Glen Murakami (Producer), Andrea Romano (Voice Director) and Will Friedle (“Terry McGinnis/Batman” Voice) ”The Eggbaby” Commentary by Bruce Timm (Producer), James Tucker (Director), Glen Maurakami (Producer), Andrea Romano (Voice Director) and Will Friedle (“Terry McGinnis/Batman” Voice) Season 3 Special Features Inside Batman Beyond: Season 3 – the producers of Batman Beyond (Bruce Timm, Alan Burnett, Paul Dini & Glen Murakami) join moderator Jason Hillhouse for the last installment of their in-depth panel discussion Close-Up On…: Sit down with the creative minds behind Batman Beyond as they discuss their favorite moments from key episodes of the series’ final season: “Out of the Past”; “The Call, Part 1”; “The Call, Part 2”; “The Curse of Kobra, Part 1.” This feature was included with the final season rather than individual commentaries. Special Features Exclusive to this set Secret Origin: A Documentary on the Story of DC Comics 3 All New Featurette’s regarding the Batman Beyond series One downside to this set, which was also a downside to the previous BTAS set, is that the feature length Batman Beyond movie isn’t included in this set. It’s not something that one would usually expect a series set to do, including the movies that is, but the feature film ties so nicely into the series…

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  2. dylan21484nj says:
    22 of 22 people found the following review helpful:
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Almost complete…, November 29, 2010

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    This review is from: Batman Beyond: The Complete Series (DVD)

    Batman Beyond took the story of the Dark Knight and moved it 40 years into a techno-noir-anime future where an elderly Bruce Wayne has long since hung up the cape. A brash teenager, Terry McGinnis, stumbles upon Bruce’s secret past as a superhero and picks up where Bruce left off as Gotham’s newest Batman. All 52 episodes of Batman Beyond’s three-season run have been collected in this boxed set, along with a myriad of audio commentaries and behind the scenes documentaries. All but one of the discs are the exact same discs from the individual season sets, and the only “new” disc contains retrospective documentaries as well as the new doc Secret Origins: The Story of DC Comics. Narrated by Hollywood’s newest superhero, Green Lantern’s Ryan Reynolds, this piece examines the history of the comic book publisher responsible for bringing Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman to the forefront of American culture. Notably absent from this set is the Justice League Unlimited episode Epilogue, Batman Beyond’s de facto series finale. Batman Beyond wasn’t renewed for a fourth season and the show’s crew weren’t notified that the third season would be the last, so the series never received the proper send-off until Epilogue. It never seemed like a problem for episodes from DC Animated Universe shows to be included in the DVD sets of the recent string of feature-length DC animated movies, so it shouldn’t seem like such a problem to include Epilogue in this boxed set. Also missing is the feature-length movie Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, but I’m almost willing to let them slide on since it wasn’t specifically an episode of the series. But Return of the Joker is one of the highlighrs in the character’s history and one of the best animated Batman films, so leaving it out of this set is disappointing. Considering the limited amount of Batman Beyond content (3 seasons, 1 movie, and only 2 or 3 appearances in the Justice League shows), you think it wouldn’t seem like too much trouble to collect them all in one set. This entire set is a bit of fan service, so why not go the whole way? Batman Beyond seems to be making a comeback recently. The story is being introduced into the comic book continuity with a wildly successful six-issue miniseries that has just been renewed as an ongoing series. It’s no doubt that Batman Beyond has a following that this boxed set will definitely appeal to. The only things keeping Batman Beyond: The Complete Series from getting 5 stars is the absent Epilogue episode and Return of the Joker.

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