BlueRay: Jurassic Park – (1993)

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BlueRay: Jurassic Park - (1993) Genre: Adventure, Sci-Fi, Release Date: 2011-10-25 Duration: 127 Min Di...

BlueRay: Jurassic Park – (1993)

BlueRay: Jurassic Park - (1993)
Genre: Adventure, Sci-Fi,
Release Date: 2011-10-25
Duration: 127 Min

  • Steven Spielberg

The story begins on Isla Nublar, a small island 120 miles off the coast of Costa Rica. A large group of construction workers and animal handlers offload a large container, the creature within unseen. During the process, the animal attempts to escape, an act which leads to a mass panic, and the death of one of the workers.

The narrative jumps forward to an Amber mine in the Dominican Republic, where we learn that miners extracting amber are involved with a genetic-engineering company called InGen.

From here, we jump to a paleontological excavation in Montana, where we are introduced to our main heroes, Dr. Alan Grant, and his assistant Ellie Sattler, as they slowly uncover the fossilized remains of a VELOCIRAPTOR, perhaps nature’s most lethal and cunning predator to date, a beautiful specimen evolved to kill.

The dig is cut short by the sudden appearance of Grant and Sattler’s main sponsor, the elderly and eccentric billionaire, John Hammond. He invites them over to endorse his latest project, a remote island resort, where he claims “the attractions are guaranteed to drive children out their minds!”

Grant and Sattler are acompanied by two other characters-the equally eccentric chaos theorist Dr. Ian Malcolm, and Hammond’s lawyer, Donald Genarro. As they arrive by helicopter, they are treated to a unique spectacle of living, breathing DINOSAURS, creatures beyond your wildest imagination, resurrected from the dead and roaming a special zoological environment built to sustain them! Just the sight of these mighty beasts, a towering BRACHIOSAURUS accompanied by a herd of PARASAUROLOPHUS is enough to leave the stunned visitors breathless, save for Gennaro’s offhand comment: “we’re gonna make a fortune off this place…a fortune…”.

Later, as they arrive at the island’s central resort and control facility, the visitors are given a brief tour of the process. InGen has succeeded in cloning animals from simple strands of DNA salvaged from mosquitoes fed on dinosaur blood, and preserved for untold millions of years inside fossilized amber. The group is shown the egg-incubation room, just in time to witness the birth of a baby VELOCIRAPTOR, a sight that deeply disturbs Grant. He demands to see where the adults are housed…

…and we are shown the special containment facility seen in the introduction, a fortress of electrified fences and dense foliage, all that separates the humans from the most dangerous creature on the island. Grant is witness to the daily feeding of the animals: a cow is lowered into the pit, only to be stripped clean within a moment. The audience is spared the gruesome sight of this daily job…

The group prepares to experience the theme park’s central attraction, the DINOSAUR TOUR, in which visitors embark on a safari-like tour of the park, on special electrified Ford Explorers. Grant, Sattler, Malcolm and Gennaro are accompanied by Hammond’s two grand children: Lex and her little brother Tim. As the group heads off, Hammond settles into the main control room where his two computer experts, Arnold and Nedry, manage the complex infrastructure of the park.

The tour is largely un-eventful: the T-REX and DILOPHOSAURUS-two extremely dangerous carnivores- refuse to reveal themselves to the eager tourists. A sick triceratops is also encountered, tended to by the park vetrinarians, whom Sattler leaves the group to help out with. An approaching tropical storm forces the tour to be cut short, as most of the staff leave by ship for the mainland.

In the meantime, we learn the true colours of Nedry-hired to steal dinosaur embryoes for InGen’s close competitor, BioSyn. His plot results in the failure of security systems throughout the park: the electric cars break down, and the electrified fences shut down.

In the film’s most thrilling sequence, a T-REX escapes it’s enclosure and proceeds to wreck the tour vehicles. Gennaro is eaten, Malcolm is critically injured, but Grant escapes with the terrified children. In the meantime, a lost and confused Nedry, trying to meet his contact, encounters a venom-spitting DILOPHOSAURUS, and justice is dealt.

Sattler and the Park Warden Muldoon arrive in a jeep at the site of the T-REX attack to find the injured Malcolm and the remains of Gennarro, but everyone else has disappeared. The T-REX returns to give chase to the jeep down the road in an exciting car chase of an action sequence, but the humans eventually escape.

Grant and the kids spend the night sheltering up a tree, wake up to find a BRACHIOSAURUS grazing nearby. Once more, we are given the oppurtunity to appreciate the beauty and majesty of these creatures.

With Malcolm injured and park systems still offline, Arnold is forced to take drastic action and reset the system-an act that has the unintended consequences of freeing the RAPTORS from their enclosure. Arnold, Muldoon and Sattler attempt to restore power, only to have Arnold and Muldoon outsmarted and killed by the cunning creatures.

After witnessing a GALLIMIMUS stampede, Grant and the kids make it back to the main resort complex, only to find it abandoned. Grant leaves the kids in the main dining area, and tries to contact other survivors. In the meantime, Lex and Tim are cornered by a pair of RAPTORS inside the main kitchen. One is trapped inside the freezer, but the other gives chase to the kids.

Meeting up in the control room, Grant, Sattler, and the kids attempt to restore power and communications to the park, but are trapped in by the same RAPTOR. In the nick of time, the security systems and phone lines are brought back online.

Eventually, our heroes are cornered by the last two RAPTORS inside the main atrium. Just as all is lost, the T-REX crashes in and attacks the RAPTORS, buying enough time for the small group of humans to escape.

As the humans evacuate the island by helicopter, the T-REX gives a final victory roar behind a falling banner proclaiming: WHEN DINOSAURS RULED THE EARTH!!!


Sam Neill

Laura Dern

Jeff Goldblum

Richard Attenborough


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2 responses to “BlueRay: Jurassic Park – (1993)”

  1. Bruce G. Taylor says:
    80 of 84 people found the following review helpful:
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Jurassic Park: Great Video & (finally) Uncompressed Audio, November 13, 2011
    Bruce G. Taylor (Kensington CT USA) – (REAL NAME)

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Jurassic Park Ultimate Trilogy (Blu-ray + Digital Copy) (Blu-ray)

    In the light of so many negative customer reviews of this set, I decided, before writing this review to do a direct comparison between the DVD version of Jurassic Park vs. the Blu-ray. I made it a point to set my BD player audio compression to wide range and set the volume levels for each version to be approximately at the same level for the spoken dialog to give each version a fair comparison.I chose four sections to compare: 1. The scene at Sam Neill’s dig beginning with the brushing away of sand from a fossil. 2. The helicopter ride into Jurassic Park. 3. The first encounter with the brachiosaurus beginning when the jeeps come to a stop and Sam Neill and Laura Dern first see the creature. 4. The night storm scene with the T-Rex encounter.All of the above begin at a chapter change of both disc versions, making them quick to locate.The video: In no instance can the DVD version compare with the Blu-ray.In scene 1, the sand particles are fully defined in the Blu-ray and are a blur with the DVD. When Sam Neill rises into the frame the landscape is richly defined in the Blu-ray until the camera refocuses onto Neill’s face. Later we see the sheen of sweat on Neill’s face with the Blu-ray which is not noticeable at all with the DVD. The improvement in facial definition of the people standing behind Neill when he is lecturing them.In scene 2, the improvement in the definition of the sea water below the helicopter, the facial definition of the passengers, the clear definition of the weave in Sam Neill’s hat. Later the foliage clarity as the helicopter (a miniature, I believe) flies through the canyon. In scene 3, the improved definition of the tree foliage which is a blur with the DVD and outstandingly defined in the Blu-ray. The definition of the details of the creatures they are observing.In scene 4, the improved details in the night scene, objects really look wet from the rain. The amazing definition of the wet scales of the T-Rex.The audio: When I first heard the audio of the DVD, I knew that it was shamefully compressed compared with the LD (Laser Disc) issue that I still have. Also missing are the fundamentals in bass sounds which also have been fully restored with the DTS sound track of the Blu-ray.In scene 1. When the seismic charge in detonated, you can feel it in the floor with the BD. Not there at all with the DVD.In scene 3. When the brachiosaur rises on its hind legs and howls, it is really loud with the BD, terribly compressed with the DVD. When it falls back down onto its forelegs, you feel it in your chest. No such thing with the DVD.In scene 4. The sound of the thunder, the bass elements of the T-Rex growls, the thumps of its footsteps are all very powerful with the BD and missing in the DVD. When the T-Rex howls at the children and they clap their hands over their ears you see why they are doing it with the Blu-ray. The DVD doesn’t get this at all. The above noted audio differences will not be noticeable at all when using standard TV speakers. A decent home audio system is required with the Blu-ray player set to wide range audio (least compression). I recommend monitoring your volume setting carefully at first to safe-guard your speakers. I can say without reservation that all three of the films in this collection benefit immeasurably with the Blu-ray format in picture and sound. The films themselves: Jurassic Park: Of course the film most people will remember because it made the greatest initial impression. It deserves to be remembered because nothing quite like it had been previously accomplished from a technical standpoint. It’s an enormously entertaining and absorbing picture with a fine cast and somehow manages to convince you of the possibilities implied, at least for a while.The Lost World — Jurassic Park: The most disappointing of the three, especially considering that it was directed by Spielberg. It more resembles a “monster movie” in the class of “The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms” or some such — one highly improbable crisis after another. There are a few CG errors noticeable even in the DVD version. In the stegosaurus scene, the creature’s front foot suddenly unrealistically moves horizontally in the pond water without being lifted, which should have been corrected.Jurassic Park III: An interesting title considering that there is no film titled Jurassic Park II. Still, a greatly entertaining film in the style of a grand adventure. The search for the missing young boy makes the story more compelling. This film also benefits from a fine cast which the second film generally lacks. I would have preferred the packaging to be similar to the book form used for the “Star Wars” saga in the interest of…

    Read more

  2. K. Fontenot "Prairie Cajun Lives!" says:
    168 of 197 people found the following review helpful:
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    DINO-MITE!!!, January 2, 2006
    K. Fontenot “Prairie Cajun Lives!” (Louisiana) – (TOP 1000 REVIEWER)

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Jurassic Park Adventure Pack (Jurassic Park / The Lost World: Jurassic Park / Jurassic Park III) (DVD)

    Yeah, I know the title of this review is corny, but you have to admit that this is a pretty nice boxed set. It contains all three films from the “Jurassic Park” film series. The first film stands alone as one of the most impressive and progressive films of its time. It featured the best special effects of its time and each film builds on these effects. Let’s break each film down: ”Jurassic Park” Five stars Perhaps the greatest dinosaur film ever made, “Jurassic Park” features brilliant special effects, wonderful acting and a great plotline filled with suspense and horror. With Sam Neill, Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum, and Richard Attenborough heading up a small cast of characters including Samuel L. Jackson, this film is sure to be a winner in anyone’s collection. Briefly, this is the tale of a man who hopes to cash in on genetically bred dinosaurs by creating a sort of theme park that allows the average man to get an up-close-and-personal look at T-Rex, stegosaurus, and those wicked velociraptors. Of course, when a small group arrives to approve the park, things go awry. Highly recommended flick worthy of multiple views. ”The Lost World” Three Stars The weakest flick in the series. Jeff Goldblum reprises his role from the original flick as he goes to a second island where the dinos from the original film were allowed to grow before being shipped to the park. He’s there to help a small group study the dinosaurs in an environment untouched by man. Then a gang of hunters come along in a last ditch effort to save the pocketbooks of the JP stockholders and bring a T-Rex back to San Diego, CA to cash in. Unfortunately, this film was weighed down by eco-terrorism and way too many characters. Though the cast was very good, there just wasn’t enough to work with here. Not worthy of many viewings, but it’s nice to have in the set. ”Jurassic Park III” Four stars The best sequel and it saves the saga from the forgettable “Lost World.” This film brings back Sam Neill’s character who gets conned into going back to the islands and ends up having to save the son of a wealthy and on-the-outs couple(played wittingly by William H. Macy and Tea Leoni). It has a brief but wonderful cameo by Laura Dern and takes a potshot at the purple dino, Barney. This film is the most wide open of the bunch as it ditches the suspense of the original and the morality tale of “Lost World” and goes straight for the action. It’s a wonderful popcorn flick that works well for what it is. Definitely worthy of multiple viewings and definitely worth owning. As a whole, this set is really wonderful to own. You get all three films for less than the price of two of them if you purchased each separately. The packaging is pretty cool since it resembles the opening gates that are so famous from the first film. There are plenty of extras for folks into that kind of stuff and two out of three of these films is worth watching more than once. The original flick is timeless, “JPIII” is a rollercoaster ride, and “The Lost World” is nice to have if you’re a completionist. Get this set today if you can’t get enough of the dino-action and dino-horror that is the “Jurassic Park Adventure Pack.”

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